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Early American Quilt Essay

Describe the circumstances under which many immigrants came to the colonies as indentured servants. Most people who become indenture servants were individuals in slavery conditions mainly from the Africa continent. Besides, there were minute groups of Europeans from countries of Irish, England and Germany. However, the British East India company had played a major role in the practice of indentured servant by bring a considerable number of them from Indian sub continent. Thus, it is estimated that more than half of the immigrants who happened to be in North America in the 17th century lived as indentured servants.

The immigrants were slaves who were taken from their own countries by the colonists. Their arrival on ships was followed by the advertisement of the availability of indentured servants for sale. Amazingly enough, the process of becoming an indentured servant did not become accomplished without the court involvement. The individuals who were once from their own countries as delivered individuals entered into contracts in court environs to be servants to their masters for duration prescribed in the documents of the contract.

(Gjerde and Paterson, 1998) While in certain circumstances becoming an indentured servant was involuntarily, some immigrants were people of low intelligence but with great passion for knowledge and experiences. They therefore volunteered to be servants to the masters for professionalism gains. What challenges did these individuals face? The indentured servants had several challenges which they faced in their mercies of their master. These included physical, social and psychological challenges.

For instance, an indentured servant was liable for corporal punishments which involved a numbers of straps or hang up incase escaping. Secondly, the servants received inadequate living necessities such as food which were some of the significant items consented during the initials steps of the contract. They labored for long hour with little care being given to them. Directly and indirectly, most families were broken up due to violence besides the indentured servants being forbidden from marrying without servant’s consent.

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Females were assaulted by raping or other sexual abuses with little help from the justice systems of the brutalities. (Harriet, 2001) To what group or groups do you think this 1790 law was directed and why? The 1970 law which allowed only “free white persons” to become U. S citizens targeted to the discrimination of the group of Asian Indians. This is because the naturalization law required an individual to be a white free citizen to have stayed in the states for a minimum of five years.

However, history shows that the first Asian Indian arrived in the states in that very year. This implies that the Asian Indians were targeted so as to remain non-citizens and be in bondage of the white men. (Harriet, 2001) Recount three historical events that illustrate the various relations between colonists and the Indians who were natives of the North American continent. French and Indian War- the colonists were greedily expanding their territories. This raised a lot of tension within then regions of expansion among the colonists.

As result of the land disputes especially in the Ohio River valley led to the upheaval of the colonists of British and Indians aided by the French. Prominent people like the Delaware and Ottawa had good relationship with the French men hence they combined their militia effort to face the British. The staged alliance of the Indians and the Frenchmen imposed heavy blows on the British forcing it to seek extra reinforcement of their troops from the Iroquois people which ended in vain.

The war was later won by the British William pouring thousands of the militia’s troops from Europe. (Gjerde and Paterson, 1998) Proclamation of 1763- the colonial British government tried to have an order in the expansion of colonies. This was an intended claim of assuring the Indians of lack of their possession of lands in the west of proclamation line. Maintenance of troops in colonies- despites the fact that the warfare was over after declaration of independent America, it was not surprising to British government to retain their troops in the American colonies.

What do these three events tell us about the various relations between colonists and Native Americans? Following the friction and inflictions that exist between the colonists of British, the relation of the Indians with the British colonists was a bitter one. However, most Indians had goods relations with the some the colonists such as the French and the Spaniards.

Reference: Gjerde, J. and Paterson, T. (1998): Major Problems in American Immigration and Ethnic History: Wadsworth publishers Harriet, A (2001): Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl: Houghton Mifflin

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