Earl’s Top 5 Filipino Traits Essay

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Earl’s Top 5 Filipino Traits

1. Adept… Filipinos are very flexible at surging any difficulty and hardship 2. Craftsmanship… Filipinos are very crafty 3. Obsessive… Filipinos wish to improve their lives and those around them and are willing to go through great hardships and efforts, but don’t always know when to stop or how to balance it all. 4. Mimicry… Filipinos tend to copy or gain that which others have. In this respect, that’s why you see groups of Filipino’s in foreign countries that are so similar (like in LA every Filipino seems to have a piano at home that no one buys, or in Japan every Filipino on a military base seems to own rose wood.

But if they move to a new group, then they easily wish to change and copy the new styles. Kind of like following a fad. 5. Short memories… No I don’t mean their dumb or something, I mean they forget the past or let go of the past easier. They don’t hold grudges quite so bad. Filipino’s are not more family oriented than in other cultures, but what makes them Filipino’s is they think they are. No offense. But many people have strong relations with their families.

I lived in a home for six months and had to listen to my Brother in law tell me how family oriented they are as he yells at his father, and puts down his dead mother. I watched as just about every male member of the family had girlfriends, and the wives knew and ran those girls out of town when they got pregnant. I watched families that lived across the street visit each other once a year. I had a Filipino tell me that my daughter (half Filipino isn’t Filipino enough to live in his house with my 2nd wife for a short time).

So in any respect, I’m not say they are less family oriented, but that we all have our issues with getting along, and Filipinos are no more family oriented than other cultures. This is according to the yahoo answers dot com. Well I agree with these because most of the Filipinos come from poor families and they can survive any trials becsuse they are already used to it. They are already down, so they on;y way to go is up. In the Philippines the most common thing that is talked about is the government. This is because this is the largest contributor of the poverty in the Philippines.

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