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Eagle Scout App

Attach to this application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service. All of my days on this planet, I have dreamed of being a professional musician. I’ve been taking piano lessons for about ten years now and I see it as the only route to satisfaction in my life. Teachers, fellow musicians, and professionals constantly stimulate this dire need to create for the rest of my life.

I play drums, piano, guitar, xylophone, and I also strum the vocal chords. I plan to audition for Berkeley among many other music schools next year, but even if I don’t succeed in making the auditions, I still plan to continue writing and spreading music for the rest of my life. Scouting has helped me in this regard in many ways. Technically scouting doesn’t have a very significant connection to the arts, but it has shown me many other concepts that I’ve utilized in maintaining a self motivating and ever-evolving life.

Scouting has first showed me that to gain an experience in the world, you must try new things, that might be out of your comfort zone. I’ve learned how to truly help other people along with gaining self confidence in the things I was doing. To explore, camp, and spend an extensive amount of time with a group of boys for over 10 years has also exposed to me to the comforts and discomforts of confinement. I’ve learned to cope a variety of situations, and it’s only rounded my understanding of human nature and my place in it.

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