E-Waste Management Market is Expected to Reach

Analysis of the market indicates that the global volume of E- waste accounted for 57. 7 million tons in 2013. To view the report, visit the website at http://www. Ultraconservatives. Com/e- wastefulness-market StEP (Solving the E-waste problem) is a German based establishment that manages the processing of E-waste in developed countries. Ruddier Queer, executive secretary of StEP, states that Rapid product innovations and replacements for electronic gadgets account for the rise in E-waste worldwide. The monumental rise of E-waste brings across an impending need for all countries to manage their E-waste effectively.

The US. Is a major exporter of used electronic goods. The region exports a large quantity of CRT (cathode ray tubes) monitors and a considerable number of cellophanes, amongst other electronic devices. National Center for Electronics Recycling (NICER), Is a U. S. Based non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of national infrastructure for recycling E-waste. NICER states that, nearly 54 million tons (49 metric million tons) of E-waste, I. E. Approximately 43 lbs (keg) per person, is generated every year across the globe.

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The study estimates that U. S. Generates a large quantity of E-waste. Ajar portion of which is shipped to developing countries (mainly Asia) and West Africa, where it is usually disposed-off In backyards or recycled. These deposits ultimately cause numerous health issues and environmental hazards. Jason Linnet, an Executive director of NICER has mentioned that the U. S is yet to fully utilize its recycling capacity as compared to other countries. Presently, North America is largely taking initiatives to recycle its E-waste.

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The StEP estimated that the U. S amputees and TV sets) in 2010, of which, 171. 4 million were collected for recycling and 14. 4 million were exported.

The E-waste management initiatives In North America should significantly reduce E-waste exports and propel the domestic market. Adoption of E-waste management programs by all the countries globally, would further minimize the health concerns and significantly reduce environmental hazards. Presently, North America is a leader In exporting E-waste to developing countries. These exports generate a large quantity of trash for recycling in emerging markets. Thessaly-PacIfic comparatively generates a larger revenue from the recycled 1 OFF which would add to a larger share of its revenue in the global market.

From the year 2000 – 2005, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (COED), identified a growth of approximately 22% in Information and Communications Technology (ACT) market in China, declaring it to be the 6th largest CIT market in 2006, followed by the U. S, Japan, Germany, I-J and France. Thus, in the wake of constant innovation and rapidly increasing adoption of new technologies, there exists a need ore than ever before, for the adoption of E-waste management programs, globally.

Key findings of the study: Presently, the trashed E-waste holds a larger percentage share as compared to the recycled State. In the global E-waste management market, household appliances generate the largest amount I. E. Appear. 46% of E-waste as compared to other sources, followed by the IT and Telecommunications sector The IT and Telecommunications sector is expected to produce a large volume of E- Waste by 2020 Asia-Pacific region would generate the highest revenue for the E- Waste management market by 2020.

The E-waste management rate in Asia-Pacific and European regions is higher than developed countries such as U. S, Canadian Mexico Human health concerns and environmental hazards caused due to E-waste production, annually, are leading to the rise of E-waste management programs all over the world. The government agencies with the help of E-waste management players, are strategically focusing on new and innovative E-waste Management programs. These programs are focused at reducing the world’s E-waste and its hazards. Lack of awareness regarding the hazards associated with E-waste in the

LAME region and the lack of E-waste recycling plants in the United States, support the growth of the global E-waste management market, at a faster pace. The key providers of recycling services, profiled in this report are Steen Metal ABA, SIMS Recycling Solutions, Manicure, Electronic Recyclers International Incorporation, Iterations Limited, CRT Recycling Incorporation, Lifespan Technology Recycling Incorporation, Triple M Metal LIP, MBA Polymers Incorporation and Environ-Hub Holdings Limited. About Us: Allied Market Research (MAR) is a full-service market research and business- insulting wing of Allied Analytics ALP based Neapolitan, Oregon.

Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of “Market Research Reports” and “Business Intelligence Solutions”. MAR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to in their respective market domain. We are in professional corporate relations with various companies and this helps us in digging out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms utmost accuracy in our market forecasting.

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