E-media fast report Essay

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E-media fast report

Being a person who is working with e-media every day, my expectations for a week without any of these sources were rather pessimistic. But still I considered it a nice tool to see the dependency on e-media, which a big part of the population is suffering from. As the week of sacrifice began, the problems of staying away from mass media were not too big, but rather many opinions of replacing the hours spent in front of screens revealed themselves. After running through the park there was still enough time to buy fresh vegetables and cook a nice meal. Instead of turning on the TV, the evening program changed into a board game evening with the roommates. This was all a lot of fun, but the first problems appeared when there had to be done some research work for the university.

As even the library system of the university depends on typing the right terms into a search engine, the e-media fast had to be interrupted for the first time. Another problem was to find an alternative for the writing assignment that had to be done, as it was necessary to hand it in in typed form. With typewriters being hard to find, this constituted the second break from the e-media fast week. Associated with the e-media fast was a denial of social media like facebook, which resulted on the hand in missing a party of a friend, because a lot of communication is done via that tool.

But on the other hand, the time that was saved by not checking facebook every twenty minutes paid off having more time for myself, my hobbies and my friends. So all in all the experience of an e-media fast was a precious one, but still one has to admit that it is not possible for a longer period, as it is an important tool for university work and of course for many other jobs.

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