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E-marketing Plan Essay

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Good afternoon board members today I will be presenting to you a brief proposal of an e-marketing plan for Ginga Sushi Bar & Dining. Ginga is a restaurant located in 5 of the most sophisticated and vibrant dining precincts in Brisbane. The restaurant offers a menu with the finest Japanese cuisine traditions for authentic fine flavours and culinary delights. Ginga is a portrayal of traditional Japanese cuisine with modern and western interpretations. The most iconic food choice that Ginga offers would be their assorted range of delicious sushi. The target market of Ginga would be people who enjoys Asian food or specifically Japanese cuisine. This would primary consist of the younger generations as they are more exposed to the Asian culture. The direct competitors of Ginga were identified as being Sushi Train, Sushi Station and Sushi Sushi. All the competitors’ offers a similar variety of sushi but at a lower price, hence Ginga promotes themselves as offering a higher quality of food as compared to the competition.

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1. Good website design: The design of the website really projects the feeling of the restaurant being a traditional Japanese restaurant with a western twist to it. The overall design of the website is very stylish and elegant, compared to the competitors’ website, Ginga is well ahead of them. The landing page is aesthetically pleasing with a large hero shot of a variety of sushi which really engages the customer’s taste buds. (Potts 2007). The navigation tabs is very clear and it is placed at the top of the site next to the logo which is a good visual hierarchy. The website is very interactive hence this helps the web site visitor feel more involved and in control with their web experience (Chaffey 2013).

2. Customer loyalty program: The second strength of the website is that it has a “Ginga reward program” tab, this allows the customers to constantly go on the website and check how many points they have. The customer will constantly interact with the website where this adds value to the relationship with the customers and the business. As the customer scrolls down, they are able to sign up for “Ginga Rewards Newsletter”, this allows them to be constantly notified of the monthly rewards, promotions and offers. By sending out newsletter to the customers, it helps the customers learn about the restaurant and the food, this further builds on the relationship between the customer and the business (Chaffey 2013).


1. Bad site navigation: When customers visits a restaurant’s website they expect the menu to be easily located, a tab specifically for the menu perhaps. In this case, Ginga’s restaurant menu was very hard to locate, it required a lot of searching before it was finally located. This is a major flaw for the website as it didn’t allow the user to efficiently locate the information they are looking for hence, causing them to have an unsatisfactory experience (Chaffey 2013).

2. Slow loading time: Due to the website being very intricate and detailed, the loading time for the website is fairly slow. When pressing on different tabs, sometimes the content fails to load or shows up a few seconds later. The rule of thumb is website visitors will not hang around the site if they have to wait for more than 4 seconds for the content to load (Chaffey 2013).

Next Step:

After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Ginga Sushi Bar & Dining, the next step would be improving upon the weaknesses and developing a detailed E-marketing plan. The menu for Ginga was very hard to locate, this can be improved by providing a Menu tab so the website user can easily locate it. The website was very well designed but it caused slow loading
times for the website. This can be improved by taking out the unnecessary features on the website that might be causing this problem. Thank you for Listening


1. Chaffey, D., & Smith, P. (2013). Content Strategy and Copywriting. Emarketing Excellence (4th ed., pp. 325). Retrieved from http://reader.eblib.com.au.ezp01.library.qut.edu.au/(S(zbtw4bdiuk3fnfgv2uc2tl01))/Reader.aspx?

2. Potts, K. (2007). Products and Services. Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites (pp. 155). Retrieved from http://download.springer.com.ezp01.library.qut.edu.au/static/pdf/204/bok%253A978-1-4302-0262-2.pdf?auth66=1395648389_acc8144cccd7b7bb1b8a8fa700fe808a&ext=.pdf

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