E-learning Essay Topics

The Value Of Online Education

Introduction             In this modern era where people travel a lot, work outside of their countries, or remain at home due to family obligations or health concerns, there is a great reliance on the use of technology for research, online education, and as a means of communication with instructors, colleagues, and classmates. Regardless of one’s… View Article

E-Learning Management System

The basic facilitator for E-learning is triggered by the exponential growth of internet and thirst for information to make smooth decisions at all spheres. The primary purpose is to help people all over in making their lives easier. E-learning creates a network consisting of every being who desires to share and use information. It is… View Article

Personal Barriers to Online Learning

Online learning or e-Learning refers to application of electronic technology for the delivery of instructional content or knowledge domains. Beamish et al. (2002), defines e-Learning as: “. . . a wide set of applications and processes allied to training and learning that includes computer-based learning, online learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration. These services can… View Article

Online Education vs Traditional Education

Have you ever enrolled in an online class and a traditional class at the same time? Kaleb has tried both unfortunately one was more successful than the other. Kaleb is taking Anatomy and English, Anatomy is an online class and English is a traditional class. He excels in his English class due the face-to-face interaction… View Article

Optical Character Recognition for Kids Learning

Education is the learning and development which results from this process of teaching or training. It is the academic discipline dealing with teaching and learning methods in the schools. Learning starts at home and the parents are their first teachers to their kids. When they are about 4 to 6 years of age, parents are… View Article

A Usability Study for Promoting E-Content

Electronic content or e-content is defined by creating, providing, and distributing information as a digitized content. It is produced and stored electronically rather than in printed form. E-contents use in education can be in the form of e-journals, e-books, e-research reports, e-lecture modules, e-lecture notes and e-lecture slides. E-content has a huge potential in future… View Article

E-Examination package

Schramn (2008) worked on e-learning web based system that could simply offer and grade mathematical questions with immeasurable patience. (Adebayo and Abdulhamid, 2009) said, it needs the capability which requires for the input and output of mathematical formulas, the dynamic generation of plots and the generation of random expressions and numbers. (Al-Bayati and Hussein, 2008)… View Article

Using Multimedia to Visualize American Culture

Culture, cultural diversity and multiculturalism constitute some of the most significant social issues in America today. Oriented around the core concept of culture and cultural groups, the course is designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts of culture and cultural diversity, and develop an awareness and appreciation for the full range of diversity… View Article

Summary Paper

In a May 22, 2011 article “Why are so many students still failing online?” the author, Rob Jenkins, argues the difference between online and on-campus classes. There is a problem with students failing online classes, but I believe that hybrid classes should be the primary choice. Jenkins mentioned that online classes are a better choice,… View Article

Successful Online Learning Community

1.Read “Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes” by Nagel, Blignaut, and Cronje. 2.After reading the Nagel, Blignaut, and Cronje article, write a 250-500 word summary of it. 3.Refer to the guidelines for writing an effective summary presented in the Module 2 lecture for use as a guide. Review the assignment rubric… View Article

Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)

According to the documentation in Misunderstoodmind, “Math disabilities can arise at nearly any stage of a child’s scholastic development. While very little is known about the neurobiological or environmental causes of these problems, many experts attribute them to deficits in one or more of five different skill types”. These deficits can exist independently of one… View Article

Online vs. Traditional Education

Have you ever had the opportunity to take online classes? Have you even heard of online classes? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Online education is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to traditional education. It is offering more flexibility for students and providing individuals with better opportunities for postsecondary education…. View Article

On Site vs Online Classes

In assessment of online and classroom (on-ground) knowledge gives specific students that has interest according to how they learn. Taking online classes for me works so much better because I can go at my own pace. After doing some research online I found that there is a debate regarding the matter of online classes vs…. View Article

Learning: Online Versus the Classroom

Which would you prefer, learning online or sitting in a physical classroom? With the advent of technology the question of which is better has become difficult to answer. However continuing education has become much more accessible due to online classrooms. Focusing on the benefits and drawbacks between learning online and the traditional classroom will provide… View Article

IT for education and learning

As we all knew, Information Technology has been well-developed for years. Nowadays, lots of youngsters would study online via the Internet, such as finding academic materials for doing project, submitting assignments to the online learning environment of their schools and so forth; therefore, people started to think what features of information technology can facilitate with… View Article

Learning management system

Introduction The internet has now become a part of the 21st century world. Everything and everyone is getting online. And those who are not doing so are missing out on the power of this modern age. Can the field of education be any far behind? Indeed not, as is evident from the introduction of E-learning!… View Article

Article Summary

Upon reading the article there was a strong emphasis on the interaction from within the virtual classroom and the communication that the students had developed with the instructor and other students in the classroom. Due to the flexibility that the online classroom offers many people are signing up. In the past many people preferred the… View Article

Online Education

Education is an important part of people’s lives; it will either make them or break them in the future depending on the careers they choose. Education is greatly diverse today in comparison to the 1950s because of advancements in teaching and other great inventions that provide easier techniques of teaching. One major issue that has… View Article

Online Education

Every parent’s dream is to influence their children with life skills that will guide them to success in the future. In most cases, parents usually work full time jobs to achieve extra income to save for their children college costs. A college education could very well be that “cherry on top of the ice cream”… View Article

Online vs. Traditional

Over the past years the desire to obtain an online degree has increased. Although many adults want the flexibility in scheduled online courses has to offer, many technical problems arise with online classes as many middle aged parents or full time employees take a chance with online classes. They are prepared for the online problems… View Article

Technology in the Classroom

At this day in age, the use of technology has increased greatly. It is continuing to get more advanced day by day. For example, the first cell phones used to only be able to make calls, now they can take pictures and/or video, surf the web, and they even have voice control so that you… View Article

Stress Related Factors in Different Types of Schooling

Abstract The purpose of this research is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of students who attend on ground schools or online schools and to understand the cause and effect with different levels of stress in students who attend both types of schooling. Common stress in students who attend both types of schooling are feeling… View Article

E-Learning Sites

E-learning has emerged as a revolutionizing concept in 21st century. It has given numerous opportunities to educational institutes and students in the form of flexibility, construction of knowledge and knowledge transfer using electronic media components. Contemporary services are more in need of e-learning facilities especially for educational institutes that aim at providing convenience and flexibility… View Article

Advanced Research Writing

The topic of online education, specifically relating to teaching writing in a distant learning environment was covered by Professor Kate Kiefer. Kiefer is a Professor and Writing Integration Coordinator at Colorado State University. She has a PH.D in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University and has written numerous published articles, including three textbooks. In the book… View Article

Why Are More Students Taking Online Classes

Going into my second year of online classes I can truly relate to the other students my age taking online courses. Right now 450,000 students in the United States have abandoned traditional public schools for an online education (Pellissier). Many people say that taking an online class presents the risk of procrastination for young students,… View Article

Face-to-Face Versus Online Education

Education is essential to the future of our society. Many adults, including scholars and teachers, are constantly searching for the best way to educate students today. Face-to-face education, being the genuine form, seems to be the first choice of many students. However, online education is becoming more popular and is being used more often at… View Article

Characteristics of Successful Online Students

“In this age of learner-centered learning, online instruction provides a unique opportunity for learning materials, tasks, and activities to fit individual learning styles and preferences (Bonk, Wisher & Lee, 2003).” Learning styles along with other factors have an impact on the characteristics of successful online students. Each student is different, how he or she obtain… View Article

The Best Way of Communication

Nowadays, much of the communication that takes place involves some sort of equipment, such as faxes, telephone calls, and e-mails. According to an investigation by The Associated Press (2010), communication equipment is becoming indispensable to people. In other words, people rely on it as never before. Is it proof that face-to-face communication is no longer… View Article

Online class compared to a traditional class

Gone are the days when knowledge and information as regard specific areas of study are concealed only within the circle of elites and affluent; when skills are passed from one person to another through apprenticeship; and when reading books and going to schools or universities are the only modalities of earning an education or degree…. View Article

Information Literacy for Open Distance Learners

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ―Margaret Mead. In this fast moving world education is has become an essential things in human life. And today the technology has evolved so much that information is just a touch away. Narrowing down the technology development to the education nowadays, the students face… View Article