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E-learning Essay Examples

Marketing E-Learning Services

Synopsis: DigitalThink is breaking the mold of traditional classroom-based training by offering technology-based instruction to Global 2000 companies for their employees, managers, and customers. Trainees learn the material they need through interactive programs deployed to them by CD, company intranet, or Internet browser instead of in a centralized classroom with a live instructor. DigitalThink’s methods…

Cyber war Vs Cyber terrorism

In this time and era, we have witnessed the emergence of electronic resources as the most important development of the modern day communication system. Technologies such as cellular phones, home computers, the internet and websites have added another dimension to the way we live our lives today. This presentation seeks to address and analyse the…

Should Online Learning Be Encouraged?

Should online learning be encouraged? Online learning imputes technology and multimedia in education which has been well developed in established universities and community schools which are well equipped with ICT. Online learning has been a popular form of education imminently among those who requires a flexible study schedule to suit their job hours while in…



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

« Vocabulary and Grammar – An Elementary lesson for CELTA trainees at CELT Athens What steps are part of the process of designing a syllabus? What knowledge & skills do teachers need? » The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks for Language Teachers Does this look familiar?? To –ing or not to –ing……that is today’s…

Research proposal

Roselle Jardin Ranario, DPA Research Adviser October 2013 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Thinking that this was impossible to achieve made us realize that everything would be possible especially with enough help and support from people around us. Not only motivating us but also helped us to pursue our goal. They gave us the courage to do good and…

Background of the Study

Introduction What is Portal? A portal is known as links page which presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. It may contain services that provide standard search engine feature, e-mail, news, information, database and entertainment. Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures…

Online Classes versus Traditional Classes

Technology and education has given students many choices in how they obtain their education such as online classes. There have been numerous discussions recently about the success of online learning. The success of the online classes versus traditional classes is based upon the uniqueness of each individual way of learning. Online classes and traditional classes…

Compare and contrast the benefits of online and conventional classes

It seems that technology is growing, improving and changing at an exponential rate. Technology now affects every part of our lives. One of the major areas that has been affected by technology is education. The advancement of technology has recently allowed for education to be completed in an online setting instead of in a conventional…

How does communication device helps students in their studies

Background Over the years as technology keeps improving, more and more people are using it in their daily lives. Over these past few decades, there has been a significant advancement in the field of technology. What is more obvious in the public eyes nowadays is the advancement of communication devices. Communication devices are equipment or…

E-learning Evaluation

The Problem The adaptation of a new e-training program have brought questions of performance gaps in our orientation program to light and have brought into question the usefulness of an e-learning system and weather we should proceed with a more classical training approach in this area. The importance of the information conveyed in this training,…

Information Literacy for Open Distance Learners

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ―Margaret Mead. In this fast moving world education is has become an essential things in human life. And today the technology has evolved so much that information is just a touch away. Narrowing down the technology development to the education nowadays, the students face…

Online class compared to a traditional class

Gone are the days when knowledge and information as regard specific areas of study are concealed only within the circle of elites and affluent; when skills are passed from one person to another through apprenticeship; and when reading books and going to schools or universities are the only modalities of earning an education or degree….

The Best Way of Communication

Nowadays, much of the communication that takes place involves some sort of equipment, such as faxes, telephone calls, and e-mails. According to an investigation by The Associated Press (2010), communication equipment is becoming indispensable to people. In other words, people rely on it as never before. Is it proof that face-to-face communication is no longer…

Characteristics of Successful Online Students

“In this age of learner-centered learning, online instruction provides a unique opportunity for learning materials, tasks, and activities to fit individual learning styles and preferences (Bonk, Wisher & Lee, 2003).” Learning styles along with other factors have an impact on the characteristics of successful online students. Each student is different, how he or she obtain…

Face-to-Face Versus Online Education

Education is essential to the future of our society. Many adults, including scholars and teachers, are constantly searching for the best way to educate students today. Face-to-face education, being the genuine form, seems to be the first choice of many students. However, online education is becoming more popular and is being used more often at…


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