E-com Management ( Website Review) Essay

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E-com Management ( Website Review)

Warnerbros.com is an entertainment website. The website is made in flash which makes it dazzling and colorful, but puts the limitation on those visitors who do not have flash software. The website is basically targeting offering movies, DVD, video on demand and music to online consumers. For children there is also a separate section with dazzling adds of cartoon and hit movies. There is also an option of going to local web site

(Country websites).

The movie section provides information about latest movies played on the TV along with some short trailers and promos of movies. The TV section takes the user to TV shows shown on the TV. The DVD sections sells both latest and hit movies online. And the music section deals in music including video music. There is a web search tool button but in a corer and almost invisible. Another drawback is too many ads.

The intertainer.com from first look doesn’t look like an entertainment website. Even though the company proclaims to be working in entertainment industry, the first page is full of description of the company background. The concept of this website seems to based on 1990s kind of static web pages, where the purpose of the website was to work like a brochure rather than providing any meaningful content.

There are no products, no ads, nothing to sell, except company info, management info and press releases. Even though the company boost to be dealing in video on demand, but nothing can be seen. Even there is no information about the entertainment that it claims to have, except phone numbers. We can say that this site is clearly misleading and does not provide any meaningful information or entertainment.


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