E-Business and Intellectual Property Essay

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E-Business and Intellectual Property

In today’s internet based society, deciding to start your own business requires much more than identifying a product you wish to produce or sell. Even when you have selected physical location to setup as your business, your job is not done. For a company to be successful it must be able to reach as many potential customers as possible. The internet is the perfect resource to promote your company and the products you wish to sell. Selecting a name for your business may not always be as easy as it seems. Trademarks and Trade Names play a big part in making your company and its product know to endless number of potential customers.


Logos and trade names are methods of intellectual property used for actual physical businesses, and their use in the computer-generated e-business realm is normally administered by the similar principles and regulations as their use in modern industry (Burke 2002). If your products available to the public at an international level which is often the case when you market thru the internet, there is possibility that by marketing merchandise or proposing your amenities to patrons outside of your home nation your brands might encroach upon brands and service marks used by a homegrown rival in overseas countries. You could discover yourself confronting a litigation in an overseas dominion. If you need to thwart your challengers from using a alike realm name to that of your online company, choose one that is not a typical or graphic word for your merchandises or industry.


Record all obtainable similarities of that primary realm designation in order to thwart others from cataloging alike domain names, particularly if you have chosen a general or graphic term for your domain name. Submit requests to catalogue your important logos in those nations from which you anticipate to lure fresh clients for your industry (Burke 2002). If you have previously registers your physical location trademark in the primary country you do business in, you may not be obligated to chronicle a domain name that is created on an previously listed logo or service mark.

Burke, M. C. (January 2002). Intellectual Property in the World of E-Business. Retrieved from http://www.mwe.com/publication/uniEntity.aspx

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