Method of the Research Used and Data Gathering Procedure

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Methodologies These Chapters provide, the research described the method of the research used and data gathering procedure, instruments and data processing techniques. Also provide the Technical Background, Theoretical and Conceptual Framework that will be tackling in this chapter. A. Technical Background In this study the main propose of our system is to create a reliable Computer Based Record Remittance System. In which we enhance the searching and updating the remittance of the employees of the Columban College specially the former employees that requesting the record of their remittances.

The proposed system will use high level languages Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) for the system programming and for the style will be use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and for the records of remittances will be used database (SQL). It can search and update files of the remittances that will serve as the records. The records will be in the database that the administrator can view and can search, add, edit, and update. The proposed system will use the software Microsoft Windows Apache Server MySQL PHP Pearl (WAMP); this software will be needed to run the system and to be able to use it.

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The theory given in Figure 1. 1 shows that the use of the process of model also tells us that every function within our company contains key elements that define our processes. The inputs that are needed to perform the process and the process define the step taken to create the output, and the outputs will be the product or services created. This theory help us in our proposed system to determine the functions of our inputs which are the records of the remittances that all data will be process in the way that data entries of all files that they want to store in the database.

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And the output will be the entered data that is now the new record, and it can use now as the original file in the company. C. Conceptual Framework This conceptual framework becomes the central theme, the focus, the main thrust of the study. It visualizes the idea of the proposed system that can access by the administrator. Figure 2. 0 Conceptual Framework The flow of the Figure 2. 0 uses a high level language Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) for the application programming and therefore the information source (Database, Searching, Adding, Editing, Updating, and Deleting).

The data collected provided significant and necessary results and conclusions, and possible solutions to unpredictable problems that may arise. The appropriately selected instruments employed were the questionnaire, and the technique applied was the observation method. Observation This method is vital in gathering facts that will support the study in a way which promotes the validity of the data gathered. This technique was adapted because instances often arise and may not be avoided when certain data is not adequately and credibly secured through the use of questionnaire and except through observation.

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Method of the Research Used and Data Gathering Procedure

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