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E-books on A Book Fair

The theme of this year’s book fair was “E-books” keeping in mind the increasing number of IT- savvy younger generation with a penchant for internet, mobile-phones and other reader-friendly digital gizmos. It attracted over 230 participants from India and Abroad. The overseas participants were from China, Pakistan, UK and USA. The fair provided a unique platform for business-to-business transactions, establishing new contacts, entering into co-publishing arrangements, reprinting of old and rare books.

The visitor profile at the fair included national and international publishers, librarian, researchers, academicians, writers, students and book lovers.

Entry ticket for adults was Rs. 20/- per ticket while the same for children/students(with I. D. ) was Rs. 10/- per ticket. For the convenience of visitors, free shuttle service was also available between the entry gates and fair venue. Besides, the facility of wheelchair with attendant was also provided for convenience of physically challenged.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi Shri Tejendra Khanna inaugurated the fair on 1st sept,12 at the auditorium, Hall No.

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8,Pragati Maidan,New Delhi. Chairperson and Managing director, ITPO, Smt. Rita Menon, president FIP, Sri Sudhir Malhotra, executive director , ITPO, Sri Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Director Delhi Book Fair, FIP, Sri Shakti Mallik, ITPO, Sri B. L. Meena Diplomats, senior ITPO Officials, besides representatives of participating companies from India and Abroad were present on the occasion.

Complimenting ITPO and FIP for institutionalizing a book event of international stature, Sri Tejendra in his inaugural address, pointed out the significant role played by books in achieving global integration by building litrary bridged across the socio-cultural, linguistic and religious diversities.

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It was observed that basically book fulfill three functions , acquisition of knowledge, entertainment and inspiration. Sri Khanna appealed to the publishers to bring out books tha are constructive, secular and progressive in outlook as books have a significant role in shaping the next generation.

Welcoming overseas exhibitors from China, Pakistan, UK and USA, he expessed the hope that the fair would give a fillip to enhance international collaborations in publishing and business transactions. He also voiced optimism that the upcoming redevelopment project of a world class integrated exhibition-cum-convention complex in Pragati Maidan would open new avenues of trade promotion. Delhi Book Fair 2012 was supplemented by a no. of seminars,workshops, poetry, and litrary evenings and book launches.

The subject of concurrent seminars and workshops included : “Topper secrets of success” by AIETS, “Digital Book Market in India” by qbend LLC, “Telling Tales to Children” by NBT, “Literature and Values” by Authors Guild of India, “Public Libraries” by the Indian Library Association, “Discover the Genius in Your child” by AIETS. The workshops will be on “E-publishing” by digital media initiatives and “Mind Power Tool Intellectual Property in information age”.

Besides, an exclusive program on “Strategies for Success In Your Application to American Universities, American Embassy, ‘A complete ERP solution for printing and publishing Industry’ by UNEECOPS and ‘Kitab Tere Roop Anek’ by Bachpan society and FIP was also held during the Fair. A unique feature of this Delhi Book Fair was the Screening of films based on novels of selected Indian Authors at the Shakuntalam convention centre, Pragati Maidan. As its tribute to some famous authors whose works have inspired the making of celluloid masterpieces over the last 100 years.

ITPO organized a special screening of nine feature films in hindi and some regional languages during the Delhi Book Fair. The films were Duniya Ne Mane(Hindi), Meghe Dhaka Tara(Bengali), Guide(Hindi), Samskara(Kannada), Umbartha(Marathi), Vidheyan(Malyalam),Slumdog Millionaire(English), Parineeta(Hindi), 3 Idiots(hindi). Entry to the film was free and on first come first basis. The Archie’s store attracted many small kids and students as it offered variety of gift items at heavy discount it included stuff toys, show pieces, Mugs, Key Chains and many other items.

Large areas were covered with mats for visitors to get some rest after walking from stall to stall. A cafeteria was also there. As compared to the previous editions, the Delhi Book Fair 2012 attracted additional footfalls on account of the popular event, the 14th edition of stationary fair . The display profile of the fair was organized in Hall no. 12A and covered a wide range of stationary items, including writing instruments, materials, pens, pencils sketch pens, erasers, geometry boxed, drawing and painting material, crayons, paints, brushes, computer related stationary items.

Other items which featured at stationary fair included office supplies, files, file covers/boards, labels, photocopy paper, staplers, highlighters, diaries, calendars, adhesives, writing pads, material for seminars, conferences, stationary packing machines and materials etc. After attracting legions of visitors, Delhi Book Fair 2012 concluded successfully on September 9, 2012. Sri Neeraj Kumar Gupta, Executive director, ITPO presented the awards for excellence in display to the winners at the fair. Present on the occasion were Sri B.

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