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E-Book vs Books Essay

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Nowadays, the world of books has greatly developed; that is why reading a book is easier than in the past. Now, heavy books are not a problem to carry and read them because e-books are virtual books. The way books are read has evolved dramatically. Thanks to e-books, there is another option to read a book. As a result, there are no more invalid excuses for not reading. Both e-books and books have several similarities and differences, which has created new reading options.

To begin with, people can read either printed books electronic books, which makes them similar in some aspects.

Printed books contain the same information as e-books do; in other words, what people read from e-books can be also read from conventional books. As readers can easily buy a printed book in a bookstore, they can buy an electronic book on the Internet. Also, printed books are sold on the Internet; however, people have to pay a shipping fee to get the book on their hands.

Throughout history, printed books have played an important role in society, for they have been the first way of learning.

Similarly, the popularity of e-books has increased tremendously and they have become significant in the past few years. Online books have become an important approach to educate children. Wherefore e-books and regular books are essentially important for readers, they have developed in order to meet the needs of a modern society. On the other hand, online books and printed books are very different for some reasons. To read an e-book people need to have an electronic device; in contrast, to read a regular book people just need to have the printed sheets.

Unlike readers of books made of paper, e-readers need electrical energy to read an e-book. Another particular difference is that e-books can be shared having the advantage of keeping them on one’s electronic device. However, if people lend physical books, they become unavailable; thus people cannot resort to them as they please. In contrast to printed books, which need more space to carry and keep them, virtual books are easily portable. For example, people can carry a lot of e-books in an ipad, kindle, or another special electronic device and read them wherever they are.

Another difference between these kinds of books is that online books help to preserve the environment because they do not use paper as conventional books do. To conclude, printed books or e-books play an important role in society since they facilitate the learning process. Moreover, regular books or online books could teach people better than teachers do. Virtual books have developed the books in a modern way; consequently, they have become extremely useful. Even though there are some similarities and differences between printed books and electronic books, both of them can be very beneficial for people.

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