Dystopian World in Novel "1984" by Orwell

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The power of influence on the human mind can deteriorate individuals thinking and restrain their ability to rebel against society. The science fiction novel 1984, is a dystopian world of fear that includes commentary on our present society. The government uses citizens trusting personalities to their advantages by bringing fear and no privacy to their lives. Social commentary from sixty years ago to now are evidently shown through negative technology advancements, manipulative leaders, and never-ending wars.

Technology advancements in the novel illustrate all public and private places having large telescreens that transmit government propaganda, updated news and approved entertainment.

In this totalitarianism world, imagining citizens life in Oceania where “there was nobody else in the street, and no telescreens” was difficult to even ponder upon (Orwell 82). Winston’s life is filled with trauma and fear as he constantly worries of his ongoing struggles that he continues to face on a daily basis. Orwell warns readers that we should not allow fear to dictate an individual’s beliefs on having privacy and living a fearless life.

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This is similar to the excessive amount of advertisements that are presented to people through television, computers, and billboards. To this day, the government has access to view an individual’s personal information, specifically through their social media platforms as this is violating citizens privacy. Moreover, similarly to government propogandas, social media is becoming a platform full of hatred and a method to negatively influence the human mind and actions. Many people fail to realize that this advancement poisons individuals minds.

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This novel shows manipulative leaders such as “big brother”, enforcing a rule called the “newspeak” where shortening language, taking away words, limiting expression and demolishing any thoughts, is a person’s responsibility to follow. 1984, evidently displays a brain-washed society which is making citizens delusional on whether the rules enforced are wrong or right. Winston’s only desire is, “To the future or to the past to a time when thought is free” (Orwell 30). Winston unleashes thought crime by expressing his strong hatred for society. Orwell advises readers that if one does not agree with something, it is in their power to be rebellious. Despite the risk, don’t let fear impact your curiosity, “To be efficient it {is} necessary to be able to learn from the past” (Orwell 257). Orwell shows readers that individuals have the right to obey rules. To this day, people’s opinions are not being heard and leaders such as Donald Trump are taking advantage of others while controlling people in his favour. Therefore, thousands of people are being brain-washed through his tweets and speeches of building a wall and becoming the best country in the world.

War is a never ending incident in 1984 as the country of Oceania is at war with Euasia throughout the entire duration of the novel. Orwell utilizes a famous paradox “war is peace” to emphasize that the horrifying violence is an ongoing incident. No matter how hard the protagonist in 1984 tries to reimburse his memory, he “could not definitely remember a time when his country had not been at war” (Orwell 46). Orwell shows readers the impact war can have on an individual and how it affects lifestyle. To this day, many countries are still facing conflicts in war such as Afghanistan and Syria. Sadly, the violence in society is creating an unsafe world and impacting future generations to have a negative view on society.

Ones desire for a healthy lifestyle allows them to overlook the negativity and hardships they will have to endure to achieve personal autonomy. The novel 1984, portrays Orwell’s message to future generations as he tries to keep us aware of the ongoing conflicts of technology advancements, strict rules, and warfare.

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