Dystopian Society in Novel "Brave New World"

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World presents a dystopian society where the omnipotent state has absolute control over its subjects. It is a consumerist society, where everything revolves around hedonism casual sex matters more than a steady relationship science and technology beat human labour and everyone adores Ford instead of God since he created the principles of their lifestyle, the base of consumerism (mass production). Huxley’s novel depicts a utopic world, in which the characters seem to live a perfect and happy life, full of pleasure and comfort however, it is actually a dystopia, since the real world is one in which the society is manipulated by a totalitarian government with the help of science and technology.

Through a post-colonialist and a Marxist perspective, Huxley’s Brave New World shows the exploitive regime that is practiced in the World State due to its production of propaganda and its coercive superstructure which removes any sense of free-will, thus, through this it establishes dystopia.

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The World State is able to abolish any kind of un-satisfaction through creating a false image on its citizens. Drawing on Edward Said’s Orientalism, the Western people are able to know what kind of image is the New World, without even going there to see by themselves. That is because they rely on literature, science, anything that is written about the Other by the West. Comparable to this, the superior ones in Brave New World are able to implant on their citizens with a false image that allows them to view their World as the greatest place, and also it allows regarding their state as best than another.

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Just as an Orientalist comes with the knowledge of the world that is not known for the West, the image of this world would become their image as well. To make it easier, just as the one in power can use a scientist to state that the brain of a woman is not as functional as the brain of a man a similar thing can happen to the previous world that the superior wants to put an end to. In Brave New World, the superior ones say about the past as a world full of wars, etc. and they came with ideas to build a world that has no pain. This puts the people to see how strange and weird the past is which sets them into believing that their lives are now better. So when they saw someone from outside coming to their world with his old culture, they would view his world as strange because it does not appear as utopian like theirs.

Moreover, the ones in control puts a representation on Epsilons of other ranks so to keep them fully satisfied with what they have. Any knowledge that is implanted on them during their sleep makes them wake up with information that they will truly believe in. from other peoples’ perspective, like the Alphas, Epsilons are portrayed as the worst of all which makes them satisfied and happy that they are not on that status. When John, an individual who did not undergo the conditioning process, remarks that he sees Epsilons as exploited people living awful lives, Mustapha Mond defends the Epsilons by stating.

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