Dystopian Society’ Essay

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Dystopian Society’

There are many dystopic experiences in Incognito and the real world. Examples include Nazi Germany, North Korea, the Taliban and Joseph Stalin. One main example is the Communist China which involved a revolution, power in the government and no freedom of speech. The person mainly responsible for this is Mao Zedong who overthrew his enemies and millions of people were killed or persecuted. This is similar to Incognito as it involves data lords and the overpowering government.

It also shows similarity in the lack of freedom because in both realities, if you do or say something which is not smiled upon in the society, you don’t exist anymore (obliteration and persecution). Another example is Nazi Germany which was ruled by Adolf Hitler who eradicated all Jews in Germany by sending them to concentration camps. This shows a lack of freedom similar to Communist China’s lack of freedom of speech. However, this simply involves who you are religiously instead of physically.

For example, while you could hide your opinion in China, you could not hide that you were Jewish in Germany. Also, this, instead of simple execution could also take away a part of you as a person, due to the Nazis forcing you to convert to their ways. In Incognito, the data lords stripped people of their identities if they were not worthy of their identity. The Taliban is a fundamentalist Muslim movement whose militia took control of much of Afghanistan from early 1995.

During the Taliban’s years of control over Afghanistan, most governments did not recognise it as a legitimate government, due to concerns about human rights violations. Their aim was to publicise, in an often exaggerated fashion. The group is also attempting to assure Afghans that it has a strategy for governing the country again, presenting a platform of stamping out corruption and even protecting women’s rights. This is similar to Incognito’s (the spy group) purpose towards the government and trying to reduce corruption of people with a higher status than most others, ie: the data lord.

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