Dystopian Essay Topics

Dystopian Society’

There are many dystopic experiences in Incognito and the real world. Examples include Nazi Germany, North Korea, the Taliban and Joseph Stalin. One main example is the Communist China which involved a revolution, power in the government and no freedom of speech. The person mainly responsible for this is Mao Zedong who overthrew his enemies… View Article

Discussion of Literature Set in Dystopian Societies

This paper takes a look at three renowned dystopian authors; George Orwell, Anthony Burgess and Aldous Huxley and compares the dystopian societies that are described in their respective novels 1984, A Clockwork Orange and Brave New World. The ways in which the rights and freedoms of the citizens in each of their novels are suppressed… View Article

The Knife of Never Letting Go – Dystopian Lit

A dystopia is quite common as a literary subject. It is usually unpleasant, with a repressive society and/or strict ruling force, and is the flip side to another common literary subject; a utopian society, in which everything is perfect to either the inhabitants or/and protagonist. Some stories set in a dystopian universe or ‘world’ may… View Article