Dyson and Eureka Essay

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Dyson and Eureka

Bissell Homecare Inc. is an American vacuum cleaner manufacturer which has a rich heritage spanning 130 years of innovation. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, they improved on their initial carpet cleaner design and began manufacturing on a large-scale. Midway through the twentieth century, Bissell had gradually transformed into a full-fledged vacuum cleaner business by incorporating feature such as shampooer and integrated heater. Bissell’s innovation was responsible for introducing deep cleaning into the mass market, which was once confined to commercial providers.

Bissell has managed to build up a good reputation over the years by sustaining quality and building reliable products. Its cleaning business today is categorized into products such as deep cleaners, vacuum cleaners, bare floor cleaners and cleaning formulas. Their deep cleaners come in canister, upright and compact variants. They also include specialty attachments for cleaning couches, cars and electronic equipment. Bissell also does healthy business by selling accessories for its complete line of cleaning equipment.

Bissell markets it specialty products to three different markets that include allergen control, eco-friendly and pet products. Recognizing the critical need for being environment conscious, Bissell’s current strategy is to focus on its sustainable design objective. It has introduced cleaning products made of recyclable materials and adopted eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. For instance, one of its compact deep cleaners “Little Green” does not contain PVC and is made of recycled materials, while its cleaning formula is free from phosphates and other toxic metals (Bissell 2008).

It also manufactures a steam mop which eliminates the need for using chemical formulas that cause fumes. One of Bissell’s noteworthy strategic initiatives is ‘closed loop manufacturing’ which uses post consumer recycled materials to manufacture new deep cleaning and vacuuming equipment. Its chemical blow molding process uses reused resin from trimmed-off waste to manufacture new bottles. Bissell also has recycling programs for battery, paper, Styrofoam and computers in its premises.

It is fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by doing charity work for children under the Ronald McDonald House Charities; it also contributes by collaborating with an online pet adoption community, Kent County Humane Society and Grand Rapids Public School system (Bissell Centre Annual Report 2007). These initiatives have been instrumental in providing Bissell an environment and socially conscious brand image. Bissell’s primary competition comes from Hoover; other competitor brands worth mentioning are Dyson and Eureka.

The pricing of Bissell products is quite comparable to other similar products in the market, thereby remaining competitive in the consumer market. Bissell vacuum cleaners are relatively easy to operate, more efficient and lighter in weight compared to the competition. Its reliable customer service is also noteworthy in today’s consumer-driven market. Their vacuum cleaners are also widely available in retail outlets, online shops and home-improvement stores, thereby being easily accessible all over the country.

However, their carpet cleaning variants are mostly available upon order owing to their size. Bissell have also smoothly transitioned into the age of information technology, as its website lucidly explains the features of its products and helps customers pick the right model for their requirement. Bissell’s future objectives include venturing into untapped markets in the global arena and diversifying into allied industries. Its latest business venture is its purchase of Woolite, it effort to diversify into the upholstery and carpets domain.

It is also in the process of constantly developing new products to simplify domestic cleaning while striving to make a greener tomorrow. Bissell is poised to conquer newer markets in the near future owing to the recent strides in globalization. Reference: Bissell. (2008). Earth-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for your Home. Retrieved 31 July 2008, http://www. bissell. com/Page_id/47134/Earth_Friendly_Products. aspx Bissell Centre. Bissell Centre Annual Report 2007. Retrieved 31 July 2008, http://www. bissellcentre. org/documents/annualreport. pdf

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