Dysfunctional Essay Topics

Functionalism and machine aesthetic for modern movement

Functionalism in Architecture was a movement during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Defined to have stripped architecture of existence of ornamentation so that a structure simply expressed its purpose or function. This movement was an influential factor for modern architecture. Both in the United States and in Europe, functionalism and machine aesthetics… View Article

Dysfunctional Families in Today’s World

Children are supposed to grow up together with their parents. A family environment helps them not to feel depress(ed). They learn that their feelings and needs are important and can be expressed. Children growing up in such supportive environments are likely to form healthy, open relationships in adulthood. Family dysfunction can be any condition that… View Article

Glass Castle Literary Analysis

There are six members of the Walls’ family, Rosemary, Rex, Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen. The family is obviously dysfunctional with an alcoholic father and a mother who does not want the responsibility of raising four children. Throughout the book we see the children taking on some of the basic roles of a dysfunctional family… View Article