DynEd Listening Report and Reflection Essay

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DynEd Listening Report and Reflection

People generally have different ways of improving their writing skills. A success of these strategies depends on an evaluation of the program which they use and conditions which they have for the writing. DynEd software has been used as a main program to get better our listening and note-taking. So, it is obvious that an analysis of DynEd will provide useful information for evaluation both the program and conditions including their strength, weakness and a satisfaction of the program. In this reflection, I will present a short summary of the lecture from DynEd, my conditions of note-taking, and evaluation of the software as a whole.

First of all, considering one lecture summary from DynEd, Lau, professor of Economics at Stanford University, talks about the economic reform of China in his lecture “The Chinese Economy.” He says that China has been the fastest growing countries, and the surprising growth of economy is on account of the economic reform that emphasized on the open door, marketization, and devolution of economic decision making power in 1979. Even its positive influences, there is still long way to go.

a systematic training system of an army life helped me become stronger. When I was a marine, I took various intensive exercises to keep my body conditions healthy. In particular, a 3-miles swimming was a huge challenge for me because I did not swim at all. However, it was impossible to negotiate with that situation. I did need to practice it everyday and correct a deformed posture even if I was not in the pool. By doing this, I became a better swimmer who had a strong body. It has not only made me confident but also given me motivations to keep my body strong, today. In addition, I learned how to think efficiently during my military service. As a first lieutenant, a military education was one of my important works. All tactics of troops are based on efficiency that is required to consider a phenomenon carefully. It is required scientific approaches and prudent speculations whenever I was faced with various difficulties to maximize our overall efficiency.

Even its difficulty to practice, these attempts and applications with efficient perspectives have been very useful in my army life. Therefore, it is obvious that my rational decisions from my business are originated from my military experience. Furthermore, the military environments, living with other bunkmates, have caused me to improve my social leadership that today I have. As a platoon leader, I need to keep a close relationship with my colleagues to succeed in military life. I tried to talk and take time with my members as many as possible. These positive attitudes are essential requirements to interact and communicate with other people who have different opinions.

These experiences have provided me as a positive influence whenever I deal with many customers at my business, today. So, it seems to make more and more myself try to become a team leader in my business. All things considered, I strongly side with the opinion that my military service plays an important role to become who I am. That is because the experience of an army has a strong influence to be mature on me. For these reasons, it is no doubt to say that my military service was an important experience to dress up myself today.

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