Dynamic Domain Name Server Essay

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Dynamic Domain Name Server

The DNS is the IETF a standardized name service which enable the computer clients on a network to successfully register as well as resolve their DNS domain names. Such names are used in resource access by computers in a networked environment and from other connected networks. The Domain name space The DNS Name Server is a server that stores the domain name space and the related resource records. It also responds to queries requested by the DNS clients. The Domain Name Service query operation

A query operation is issued by the DNS client to the DNS server to get either the entire or part of the resource record information that is associated to a certain domain. In case the domain and the resource record exist, the Domain Name Service responds to the query with required information in a form of query respond message. This replied query message changes the initial query and the response with the necessary records provided the DNS server is able to get the required resource record. The DNS query identified in the RFC 1034 is a typical query that comprise of the target domains name, the query class and the query type.

A request for a particular resource record is submitted in the query for intended domain resolver. DNS Zones The DNS server that contains full information for a particular DNS name space is considered to have the authority on such name space. In addition, the authoritative information in the server is organized into smaller units referred to as zones that are the major units for DNS replications. The Domain Name Server administrator is responsible for the management and maintenance of DNS namespace, the DNS clients, the zone propagation, DNS zones, and the DNS servers.

The administrator also maintains the network security through the anticipation and the control of the new security threats. The Domain Name Server administrator is concerned with the DNS integration with several other windows server services. Conclusion The Domain Name Server that stores full information for a particular DNS name space is considered to be authoritative on such a name space. References Mockapetris, P. , (2003). RFC 1034, Domain Names – Concepts and Facilities. Atlanta . The Internet Society

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