Dwi case with multiple fatalities Essay

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Dwi case with multiple fatalities

Driving while being intoxicated is a serious crime. This becomes more serious when the charge is juxtaposed with multiple fatalities including DWI charges. These charges include underage driving, underage drinking, resisting against arrest and public damage. (Kar, 145) Such an incident took place in Middletown in 1999. This is a perfect example of the multiple fatalities while driving. Henry Bitchel was 15 when he crashed his 1966 Ford on a public telephone booth.

The officer in charge booked the offence and tried to measure his blood alcohol level suspecting him being drunk. To this Henry resisted and thus offence was created against the law. However with the help of force the officer registered the blood alcohol level was placed in a much higher than the permissible level. (King, 126) Thus four major charges were lodged against Henry. The first was of underage driving without a valid license, the second charge was underage drinking as he was 15 years of age.

The third was resisting arrest and it should be stated that Henry could have well done without this one. The last one was damage of public property in form of a telephone booth. The fifth and the main issue that was charged against Henry was the case of drinking while driving. (Lamb, 243-245) It should be noted that the law is enforced for the betterment of civic society and the good of the civilians. Therefore it is evident that the citizen should follow these rules.

Otherwise, as in the case of Henry, there could be multiple fatalities including DWI charges and that is a must avoidable scenario. Works Cited: Kar, P; History of US Automobile Market (Kolkata: Dasgupta & Chatterjee 2005) pp 145 King, H; Civic Fitness Today (Dunedin: HBT & Brooks Ltd. 2005) pp 126 Lamb, Davis; Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata. (Wellington: National Book Trust. 2004) pp 243-245

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