Duties of your own work Essay

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Duties of your own work

Ensure all children are safe and happy within the setting. Keeping walk ways, fire exits and doorways clear. Doing regular risk assessment checks throughout­­ the day (bye eye). Risk assessment check of the garden before going out. Making sure none of the toys are damaged or broken.


Making sure the EYFS is followed when carrying out monthly spot obs, and when having input in the planning.

1.2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards. As a practitioner my expectations should be to become a valuable practitioner, to be reliable and be able build good relationships with children and parent carers. Encourage the children in the setting to play whilst learning, and have our children’s best interests at heart for example physical activities and outings will help them to enjoy their growth in knowledge and assist them to expand on their development as a whole. Also I to be able to work with other staff members and parent/carers to support the children, so that the children will feel confident and able boost up their self-esteem, and this will also help them in their future, and prepare them for when they move onto school or in my case the next room up.

Also the expectations that are to be done in my setting at a relevant standard is to supervise the children this plays a big role in child protection Act and health and safety policy. As a practitioner I should always watch the children closely to prevent and reduce any type of injury to the children. Children often challenge their own abilities but are not always able to recognise the risks involved, as a practitioner I should always supervise the children to be able to identify any risks and minimise injury at all times while still encouraging the children to take their own risk. 2.1 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of the service provided.

It is important to use reflective practise as it can improve your own work and make you consider ways of improving the things you do on a day to day basis. In order to reflect on your own practice, you need to be able to question what you do and think about it rather than just doing it. You can do this by observing how the children react to the activity, and how other have had input. Where you feel you have done well you should consider what skills, knowledge or practice you have used to help you achieve this. You can also ask others for example you room leader for input and ask what they think you did well and what you can improve on. Once you have been give this input you should think about what you need to do to improve. The way you might approach reflecting on your own practice could be to observe the children before you do an activity this can enable you to learn from the children and help you get a good idea of what the children are interested in and also the way they engage with other children.

You should also be aware of and focus on the issues in hand for example things cannot be running smoothly because of issues as small as the daily routine having a minor issue such as the timings been just out, we should work on these problems as a setting rather than seeing them as just a small problem. Seek out alternatives, if you do not have something you need then don’t panic there is always an alternative you can use. Panicking can cause the children to feel distress and this in turn can cause the children to leave the activity. Also viewing things from a different perspective can help, if you view things from the children’s perspective can help you experience how the children view the activities, also standing over Someone else’s activities can help you view the way you see how your own activity or went wrong.

2.3 describe how own believes, values and experiences may affect working practices.

Your own believe systems, values and experiences can affect your working practices in a good and bad ways for example I believe that no matter what race, religion or background a child comes from they should all be treated as equals and we should follow what the parents would like us too, this can include dietary requirements, clothing, sayings before and after meals for example in my nursery we have some parents that would like us to say please and thank in Punjab. Whereas your own experiences can have an adverse effect on your working practice, for example as a child I was never aloud pudding until i had finished my meal, whereas at work I have to give the child their pudding regardless as to whether the child eats the main meal or not.

4.1 Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing my own development.

The sources of support for planning and reviewing my own development are

Nikol – manager

Nikol helps me review my own development by giving me feedback on a daily basis. Nikol helps me by reviewing my practice and speaking to me when she sees something aren’t quite right and telling me how to handle things the next time round. I also have monthly appraisals with nikol when we talk about how I feel in the work place and how Nikol thinks I could improve and what I’m doing well in,

Ema – Room Leader

Ema helps me with my development by allowing me to set out my own activities and giving me giving me feedback after each activity. Ema allows me to put up displays and have input into the planning. Ema also gives me praise on a daily basis. Ema also helps me when I’m unsure on something like what to write for observations or how to link the planning to the EYFS.

Hayley – Tutor

Hayley helps me with my own development by reviewing my work and giving me feedback on how to make it better. Hayley also plans observations to observe my work within the setting.


My parents help me to plan my future steps like uni and talk to me about where I want my studies to take me. My parents also push me to achieve my goals

It good to have more than one source of support as everyone’s advice is different and some sources can provide more support in certain areas than others. It’s also good to have more than one source of support as that one source of support is not always available to help.

When I was doing a display at work I was struggling to write the EYFS for the display I had just done I asked Ema for support on how to write this. Ema gave me the EYFS Someone else had done as a guide she also showed me which aspects of the EYFS to use to guide me. I felt a lot better after asking for help it made me feel that I could always ask for help when needed and that there was the support I needed.

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