Duties of Students Essay

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Duties of Students

The responsibilities of students include: preparing a programme of work at appropriate intervals in each academic year in consultation with supervisors and ensuring that any deviation from the programme is reported without delay to the supervisors;

Discussing with the supervisors the type of guidance and comment they find most helpful and agreeing a schedule of meetings; taking the initiative in raising problems or difficulties, however basic they may seem; maintaining the progress of the work in accordance with the stages agreed with the supervisors, including the presentation of written material as required in sufficient time to allow for comments and discussion before proceeding to the next stage; informing the supervisors of impending requirements related to expenditure within the budget; providing a formal annual report to the Faculty Graduate Research Committee (RD 47 form).

And other progress reports as required; completing a Training Needs Analysis and maintaining a Personal Development Plan using the facilities provided by the University; attendance at the post-graduate training modules in Research Methods offered by the Faculty or centrally provided in collaboration with the Graduate School; attendance at the programme of personal skills training for post-graduate researchers offered by the Graduate School; planning when they intend to submit their thesis, taking due account of the opinion of their supervisors;

Before submission, clearing any laboratory area in which they have been working, including the safe disposal of surplus chemicals and other materials; maintaining a repository of all primary data concerned with the research programme, either in notebooks or computer disk or machine print-outs, for retention until any publications from the thesis have completed the relevant peer review cycles; writing the thesis is the student’s own responsibility. Students are expected to have a good command of the English language.

Students are strongly advised to show drafts of their thesis to the supervisors so that the appropriate advice and comments may be given well ahead of the date for formal submission; student representation on the Faculty Graduate Research Committee is important, so you should ensure that you know who your representative is. – – – – It is important to keep written records of the work done, progress with related studies and outcomes from supervisory meetings. Together with the written reports to supervisors and, of course, any publications in conferences and journals, these notes are invaluable for the preparation of the transfer report and in writing the final thesis.

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