During the Internship at Consulate General Essay

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During the Internship at Consulate General

The opportunity to go as an intern at Consulate General is an unforgettable experience. Knowing several tasks and been able to serve the country is a valuable thing. Protecting the interest of the country and the citizens is a forever priority. As an intern at Consulate General, the providing of assistance and guidance with regards to problems with passports or birth report of a citizen abroad had helped my skills to communicate well.

I engaged to several tasks like issuing passports, visas and consular certificates as well as providing notary deeds and even helping citizens who were in detention or incarcerated or as they are waiting for their custody trials and facilitate their communications with their families. The ability to get in contact with the local authorities and protection attorneys is a big privilege to have. In addition, the duties of an intern is a serious task that’s why they only accept those students who are qualified to the position and has the ability to keep the job done right.

Securing of the resident information is an important task too as it is valuable to facilitate communication and assistance in case of an emergency. The scope of duties also touches the organizing and coordination of official visits for international relations and business delegations of varieties of ministries, report preparations and correspondence. All duties performed tested my willingness to learn and the devotion and loyalty to show the country and people by serving them and providing good quality service in all aspect of communication, organization and privacy.

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