Duke University: A Window of Opportunities Essay

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Duke University: A Window of Opportunities

I have always believed that the choices we make in life become the very reason for our success. For the longest time, I have been independent in my quest to reach those goals and aspirations in life. I am an international student from Taiwan, who moved to the United States in high school. Adjusting to the new environment was difficult from my end; however I worked harder than the usual. I found it relatively difficult to fulfill all of the expectations my family and peers had towards me.

My bi-cultural environment never hindered my growth, but came to my advantage instead. The cultural background I have could be used when dealing with clients and other people involved in transactions. In so doing, this would also help me to further understand the clients, and at the same time cater to their preferences. Moving from Taiwan to the United States was not easy as it may seem. I had to survive the new environment and face all the challenges that came my way.

At the age of sixteen, I was already in the United States working hard and being independent. Working at such a young age allowed me to become more independent and dedicated to my craft. Eventually, I acquired my high school diploma and studied at the Purdue University. It was in this university that I acquired my undergraduate degree before being involved in the Rockwell program. The program allowed me to expand my horizons further and go to different places around the world to do global projects.

After acquisition of my degree, I would use my knowledge to improve my quality of work that would also be beneficial in the lives of my peers. The traveling experiences I had would also be used in my critical and analytical process. Furthermore, I would be able to view the world on a more global context, and at the same time enhance my experiences in bridging multi-national projects. Life is short, and I believe that my choice of pursuing a degree at the Duke University would become my window to success.

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