Duke of Edinburg Traveling Notes

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The Duke of Edinburg Adventurous Journey Report

It all started on the cool morning of July 31. After a delay of about 2 hrs, we finally got on the Volvo AC bus after having our modest breakfast in OIS. I felt great; the morning fresh air always suited me. The bus passed effortlessly through the jam less Dhaka streets. Once it got to Savar, I began to notice natural beauty of the highest quality. There were all kinds of plants and shrubs and delicately colored flowers.

The green carpeted Savar Golf Course was the main attraction of our journey from Dhaka to Aricha. After an hour’s delay at the Aricha ferry ghat, it took us another hour to cross the river. The other half of our journey from ferry ghat to Khulna was torturous. Amid the sweltering heat of the shrouded sun, the AC of the AC bus kept breaking down and we were not in a position to actually appreciate the natural roadside beauty.

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Everyone was sweating and cursing inside the bus. And no one had the heart of taking pictures or tuning to a song.

So the first emotion upon stepping out of the bus was one of relief; no one would want to repeat a bus journey like that! We reached the quarter where we would be saying for the better part of the next 2 days. Every one of us felt disappointed on seeing the small building surrounded by the wild. Compared to BARD, this place was like a jungle.

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We spent an hour for settling in our room and washing ourselves up. Then we took a 20 minute walk and our journey for the day was put to an end. The next day was full of adventures. We took a 2 hr walk before breakfast.

The highlight of our adventurous journey came right after that. We took a bus to Bagerhat to visit the Sathgombhuj Mosque. The guide there told us some part of the history of the mosque and also gave us an insight on where the name of the mosque derived from. After a brief photo-session we went to Khan Jahan Ali Mazar; there we sat near the edge of the lake and took a little snack break of singara and Frutica. Some half an hour later another bus trip took us to Chadmahal. The place is a gem hidden deep in the heart of Bagerhat.

It looked like a great place for family hangout. Apart from anything else there is a zoo, an astounding 3-storey marble-studded building and an underwater entrance to the building. After our short visit to Chandmahal, we took our survey of the local people, as instructed and then went back to our resting place. After a day full of work, it was a bliss to me to get a quick shower and nap before the grand camp fire. Although most of the awardees were reluctant, the campfire went fine. I was honored to be given the chance to light the fire.

From there on, we sang and Akter sir danced and overall the camp-fire was a success. After that we went to sleep. The next day, everyone woke up early and prepared to leave. We loaded vans with our luggage and hurried to the train station. No sooner had we got on the train, it gave its final whistle and started to move. The train journey was itself an adventure with one of the bogies going off-track soon after we passed a small station. All in all the adventurous journey was a memorable one and a few glitches along the way will not make it any less enjoyable.

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Duke of Edinburg Traveling Notes

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