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This leads to arguments against empowerment, which seem to allude to risks such as employees overstepping boundaries, lack of organizational structure, and issues which may arise from a lack of employee knowledge with regard to an organization’s vision, policies and goals. 2. Empowerment is mainly a motivational tool, but at Ducks Unlimited the employees arrive dedicated and committed to the environmental cause. Does Ducks Unlimited need to implement empowerment?

Most in the group agree that employees at Ducks Unlimited Canada are likely already mindful and passionate about environmental issues, which provides a preset momentum for performing well and ensuring success for the organization.

However, some say the implementation of employee empowerment may narrow the gap between employees and the many volunteers, and ensure that employees share similar feelings of freedom and “making a change” as those enjoyed by detached volunteers. 3. How might a manager at a traditional organization react to the implementation of empowerment?

The group generally agrees that a manager might react by feeling as though s/he has diminished authority and no control over employees.

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S/he may even feel their management position is threatened. But, with a proper management model, some say a good manager can work within a structured framework which allows freedoms associated with employee empowerment. Monica Belcourt, George Bohlander, and Scott Snell. 6th Canadian Ed. Managing Human Resources. Toronto, Canada: Nelson Education Ltd. , 2011.

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