Duchess Essay Topics

My Last Duchess

Robert Downing’s My Last Duchess was about a duke contemplating about her wife’s portrait hung on the wall which to his opinion was done quite well, the painter being able to capture only the joyful details of the duchess, stripped of her unwanted characteristics. The duke was possibly characterized by a possessive and jealous man… View Article

My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

In poem My Last Duchess, Robert Browning wants his readers to understand the conflict of art and morality. In the poem, the narrator talks about his dead wife, using eloquent words as though his word itself is a painting, but beneath his beautiful words, he tells a story of why and how he killed his… View Article

The world according to the Duchess

This paper attempts to explore and analyze how the use of animal imagery in John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi brings out the themes and exposes the persona of characters like Duke Ferdinand, the Cardinal and their accomplice Bosola. The animal imagery gives natural expression to the basic (animal) instincts that dominate the play from… View Article