Dubai Police Department Proposals Essay

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Dubai Police Department Proposals

In order to attain the objectives it is essential to recognize the existing practices in Dubai police department and also in the modern police departments of countries like USA, Germany, UK, Australia etc. This will be done by individual interviews of the officials in Dubai and the through questionnaires from other corners of the world. Primary research will be persistent on personal interviews with Dubai Police department officials that will give an inner view of the present positing and future goals. This will also be a key basis of understanding the indolence for change.

This will help in bringing out the indication of the present managed system in Dubai police department organization. Ultimately the clients will help in providing the true print of Dubai Police department’s working and key areas of improvement. Data presented from this research will assist to evaluate the best practices model and the actual working. This will help in indicating the difference and the reason for Dubai police department organization to implement a successful change management. Dubai Police higher officials will be randomly selected with favorable time and place for the interviews to be carried out.

Finally the research will be focused on the historical data by looking at the Dubai Police department’s strategy in the past. If any failure or any glitches are to be found in companies strategy they will be pointed in this research. This will help the writer to understand the Dubai Police department’s goals in the past and their implementation process. Bibliography Articles: Garry Wilson (2004) Lessons from the trenches – Principles of change.

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