Dubai City Tour Visiting Ultimate Crown Of The World


Nobody on this earth is present who is unaware of DUBAI. Ultimate luxury, beauty and perfect combination of technology and classic culture. Till 1960’s Dubai was just a small town of fishermen and pearl finders. In the decade of 60’s they found black Gold Crude Oil. After this expedition they don’t waste earned money. They start developing a desert to most advanced and beautiful city and tries very hard to make it.

Now a days Dubai is leading tourist destination all over the world.

Yearly 15.8 million people visit Dubai. Unfortunately many of them are unaware about the core destinations of Dubai. Before you visit Dubai you need to know what is Dubai and where is Dubai.

Dubai is not a normal city it is a city of huge diversity. We can say that it culminates almost every walk of life in it. Whether it is business, Beauty, Technology, Tourism, Education, or Ultramodern Architecture. People from all over the world come here to do each and everything.

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Artificially build theme parks, Rides, Hatcheries and Natural dessert Trips are the main attractions of Dubai. To see these marvels you need a good guide and fortunately you have it.

What is Special in Out City Tour Deal?

Luxurious Bus & SUV Services for Group or Personal Tour

If you are visiting with a group if your loved ones you preferably need a bus to wonder in the modern jungle of building and network of roads. Dubai Adventure group provide you complete luxury busses which make your day trip a true fun.

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If you are visiting Dubai with your soul mate and kids it’s better for you to get an SUV for this tour. Our experienced drivers take you from your resting place and after a complete tour of your selected package drop back.

Burj Khalifa

Tallest building and an iconic land mark of Dubai having 829.8 meter high. And having observatory on 555 floor. Your Dubai Day Tour is incomplete without seeing the view from the observatory and witnessing dancing fountains.

Dubai Frame

Build on the zero line of new and old Dubai it is a perfect depiction of the history of Dubai and this region. From here you can look both sides of Dubai and feel the difference. An observatory is also present to observe the difference and hard work to build this ultimate city.

Duabi Skiing

All of the people know that the Dubai is hot enough and no snow falling is possible here but thanks to the technology and government of Dubai who provided one of the largest indoor skiing facility here you can showcase your skiing skills by dropping from the artificial heights of Dubai Skiing club.

Butterfly Garden

A garden is developed by Dubai government as a hatchery of butterflies. Millions of butterflies are present all over the gardens and presenting a beautiful view. Yearly thousands of new butterflies added in this bundle of perfumed environment.

Flower Garden

A garden which is completely covered with flowers and all the wonders of the world are present here in but covered with flowers depicting a message to humanity that Dubai is not only working on the modernization it also saves the nature and surrounding.

Burj Al-Arab

Tallest standing hotel and only 7 star hotel in the world. Present on the artificial island it is an engineering marvel and also a land mark of Dubai all over the world. Visiting this ultimate building is also an important part of our Dubai Tour.

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