An estimated 12. 8 million Americans, about 6 percent of the household population aged twelve and older, use illegal drugs on a current basis (www. ncjrs. gov). Over the years the abuse of psychoactive drugs has become a persistent issue effecting individuals worldwide. Psychoactive Drugs are substances that change a person’s mood, perception, mental functioning and behavior (Understanding Psychology pg 142). These drugs are often ingested to alter an individuals feelings or to help them cope with their problems.

However the “high” that they receive does not remain long, resulting in the continuous use of the drug to remain feeling that “high”.

Nevertheless the ongoing abuse of these drugs may lead to these individuals developing a tolerance for the drug. This results to the individual becoming dependant upon the drug. This dependence is known as addiction. Nicotine, “Crack” Cocaine and Alcohol, are the most dangerous and addictive psychoactive drugs. Other commonly abused drugs are Amphetamines, Prescription Medication, Heroin, Ecstasy, and Marijuana.

In the movie Rain substance abuse was seen numerous of times.

Rain’s mother, and her best friend all showed signs of substance abuse or dependency. The movie showed how Drug abuse and addiction affects the society at large. However once a person becomes addicted there are ways to help them so that they can recover and be productive in society. Before I discuss the various ways to help a substance abuse recover, I will elaborate on how the addict harms themselves, as well as their families and the society.

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