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Drought Essay Examples

Essay on Drought

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California Drought in 2014

Water is a life resource for everyone. A situation between a drought and our resources being in danger with shortages of water in the region, is something that should not be trifled with. The state of California plunged into its third year of being affected by a record breaking drought. (Global Risk Insight) The Sacramento region was in desperate need of water this winter, with the high record of 52 winter days without rain (Sacramento Bee: Weather Report). Generally, the…...

Fixing California Drought

In an attempt to find a solution that would best resolve the water drought crisis in California, we’ve all heard how we could apply technology such as desalination or green-friendly practices such as water conservation. Finding those who divert water wrongfully is just as challenging as it is to preserve the precious resource. Tough statewide regulations have been already rolled out this year in a bid to punish those who misuse it. Under the emergency conservation restrictions, hosing down driveways…...

An essay on bushfires as natural hazards

A bushfire is a firre burning out of control inthe open. Bushfires can burn using grass,scrub or forest (or a combination of these) forfuel. Unless quickly controlled, bushfirescan become large, spreading to affect forests,wildlife, crops, houses and other buildings,and human life. In Australia, some bushfireshave become major disasters. Fires are not a recent occurrence in Australia. Since the last Ice Age, bushfires have influencedthe development of the Australian land. Fires arean essential element in some Australian ecosystems,which need the intense…...

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An essay on drought

Others, such as the drought of 1982±83, can affectmore than half of the country. Droughts can beshort and intense, such as the drought that lastedfrom 1 April 1982 to 28 February 1983; or they canbe long lived, such as the drought from 1 March1991 to 31 December 1995. When drought comes to Australia, agriculturesuffers first and most severely Ð and eventuallyeveryone feels the impact. Economic impactsDrought affects farmers through a decline in, ora loss of, the production of crops and…...

Years of Living Dangerously IntroductionWhen a drought began in a certain area

Years of Living Dangerously IntroductionWhen a drought began in a certain area, what do you think will eventually happen to that area? How far would you go to help end the dry/drought season and the people who are being affected by it? In this paper, I will be explaining what a drought means and more about how it is not good for the environment. When it comes to drought/ dry season you would have to make sure that you are…...

Kenya through the national government and in association with

Kenya through the national government and in association with the county government should bring about development programmes in the Arid and semi arid Lands (ASALs) eg in Turkana and Marsabit among others. This developments can be in the form of improvement of existing water point areas, placing measures that encourage the reuse of waste water, coming up with modern methods of soil conservation to prevent soil erosion and diversifying cultivation such as investing in drought tolerant crops eg water melons.The…...

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