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Drone, Its Air Transportation and Other Functions

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1645 words)
Categories: Air Transportation, Benefits Of Science And Technology, Device, Technology
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In recent years drones have a come into attention for a number of commercial uses. Drone function include delivery of small items that are urgently needed in a locations with difficult access, timely delivery of urgently needed medications, blood and vaccines are critical in healthcare. A drone can fly-over and inaccessible roads, innovative organizations have began to use drones for healthcare delivery. Main part in a drone are consisting of payload. The payload is the weight a drone or UAV can carry.

In this project drone will carry the given medical kit and drop it to preassigned destination obtained by scanning QR code. The main aim is that to drop medical kit in disaster affected area in minimum time without crashing. For that we can design a payload which can scan QR code in real time and run image processing algorithm in order to decode number assign to destination for dropping package.


Drone, Raspberry Pi, QR Code scanning, Image processing, Payload, Medical kit.


We are presenting the drone based application to supply medical kit to patient at desire location. We are using QR Code to identify the location and Drop the medical supply to that particular location. For that we have to make the onboard scanning system that can scan the QR code and tell us the exact location were to drop the medical supply. For demonstration we have developed a scanning system with raspberry pi and raspberry pi camera. That can scan the QR code and send the location on your phone with the help of Wi-Fi module in Raspberry pi zero. With the location in our hand we can drop the payload with the help of servo. QR code that is Quick Response code consisting of array of black and white dots. There are different type of payload that can be attached to drones. Mostly all kinds of payload can be attach to drone for that consider the weight and size of payloads. The software includes raspberry pi with camera. The raspberry pi is the small single-board computer. The QR code is a barcode is read by the camera. Image processing algorithm is an important step in the QR code recognition. The QR code can be scan and processed by image processing algorithm. By using raspberry pi we can get the exact location where we can drop the packages.


Judy E. Scott and Carlton. H. Scott[1] presented the current status of innovative drone delivery with a particular emphasis on healthcare. A Logistic network is designed to provide timely delivery of healthcare items using a tandem strategy involving land-based transportation and final delivery by drone. It focuses on locating a warehouse with supplies and drone nests to complete final delivery. Drones with mobile technology used for healthcare delivery to remote location even with an unreliable road infrastructure.

Joseph Christopher Fancher [2] presented current drone technologies and methodology in order to deliver medical packages to remote areas. It focuses on the design of a biocompatible payload and a modified drone to accomplish medical supply delivery to remote areas of china. Each design has its own parameters and components that collectively make up the payload and drone delivery system. It describes the analysis and reports experimental results of the final drone delivery and payload design.


There are various types of payload consisting of packages for delivery, cameras, and sensors etc. In this payload we can deliver the packages from one station to other station.

Drone Frame

Drone frame is the structure of the drone it will consider all the parts of the drone such as battery eliminator circuit, motors, ESC’s, power distribution unit, flight controller etc. It has a different sensors like as a accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and barometer. This sensors are decide direction, position, and height of the drone.

Motors are used to rotate the propellers and also use the servomotors for holding and dropping the kit. Power distribution system are used to supply the power to all parts of the drone. The propellers is a type of fan that transmit power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Flight controller is a heart of drone and the different sensors are attached to it. Lithium polymer battery is a commonly used in drones because it has light in weight.

  • Raspberry pi with camera : Raspberry pi is the small single board computer developed in united kingdom by raspberry pi foundation.
  • CPU: 1.4 GHZ, 64/32 bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53.
  • Memory: 1GB LPDDR2 RAM at 900 MHZ
  • Power: 1.5 W to 6.7W
  • The camera will capture the image of the QR code.


Raspberry pi :

Raspberry pi zero is an incredible chip, small computer. At 65mm?30mm, the zero is a smaller than credit card, it is only 5mm thick to boot. Its weight is just nine grams. It is a tiny circuit board.

  • GPIO header : It is a general purpose input output pin. It has set of connections that have various function, it’s main function is to allow you to connect to the raspberry pi with an electronic circuit. Through the programming we can control the circuit.
  • USB Port : The raspberry pi zero has four USB port. The USB port allows to connect different devices such as keyboards, Wi-Fi dongles and USB sticks containing all your files.
  • Ethernet Port : To connect the internet via wired media called ethernet cable. Instead of Wi-Fi this method is easier. It provide faster internet, but it has a limited length of the cable.
  • Power Port : This is the small charging port. This kind of USB port through you can power the pi with the right kind of mobile phone charger. It is a best to used the official raspberry pi power supply to make sure the pi is getting enough power.
  • HDMI Port : HDMI is the High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a proprietary audio or video interface for transferring unimpressed video or audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device. The standard HDMI cable to connect your raspberry pi to your chosen screen, to see whatever its doing.


Python packages in Raspbian which are compatible with Python 2.x will always have a python- prefix. So, the picamera package for Python 2.x is named python-picamera (as shown in the example above). Python 3 packages always have a python3- prefix. So, to install picamera for Python 3.


A Quick Response code is 2-D Barcode which is specifically designed to be read by smartphones with camera embedded in them. The idea of the QR code is that it is a simple way who access a web address (or URL).

A QR code is an image file (it can be a png, jpg, etc.) that when scanned by a QR Code reader or scanner will access the URL linked to it, which basically means it will open a web page. This research focuses on the theoretical aspect relevant to the QR Code studying. This QR Code studying involves features of QR Code and the technologies which are using it. A QR code is a matrix barcode readable by mobile phones and smart phones with cameras. The QR code images can be scanned in different conditions by mobile devices and to get all information that is stored in the image it has to be scanned correctly.

By scanning of QR Code means the process in which the desired person try to get the information stored in the code. So in means to get access to the information desirer use the scanner app installed in his /her phone or use scanner device and scan the image of the code and as a result the app or scanner process the image and show the information (URL, text, geo-location etc.) on the display screen .This process done by scanner is called QR Code Recognition which consists of Image Pre-processing and QR Code Extraction. Image pre-processing is an important step in the procedure of QR Code recognition. The results of image pre-processing have a vital impact on the QR Code recognition rate.

QR code scanning process

The image captured by the embedded system is in RGB format. However, during QR Code detection most of the information in RGB image is redundant, so it needs more storage space and is computationally costly when compared with gray-level image. Thus the first step of image processing is to convert RGB color image into gray-level image. The gray scale image is then binarised. A good binarization method takes a very important role in the entire bar code identification system. In real life, due to uneven light in the collecting environment, the brightness is also uneven of the QR code images and it makes difficult to get a proper image of code. Therefore the images need binarization.

After graying, binarizing the RGB image of the QR code, corner detection of the QR code image is done in order to extract the apexes and outline of the image. In real life during collecting process, the QR code cannot avoid skewness causing difficulties for later decoding. Therefore the distorted QR code must be corrected. First the four apexes of the QR code image must be obtained and then the skewness needs to be corrected hence the coordinates of four vertices of QR Code is calculated. And in the last perspective transformation is the collected QR code image will get perspective distortion. The distorted QR code image basically maintains the features of irregular quadrilaterals .With the help of quadrilaterals details geometrical distortion is corrected.


Raspberry Pi platform is used for developing algorithm for image processing involving QR code scanning and display of destination on 7 segment displays. We also describes a number of applications for drones and their different payloads. The payloads that can be delivered mail like letters, parcels, medicines, meals, supplies, and fire extinguishers.

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