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Drone Delivery System Project Report


We sincerely feel that credit of the project work could not be narrowed down to only on individual.

The development of this project involves many valuable contributions.

First we would like to express our deepest sense of gratitude and sincere thanks to our Project guide Prof. P. R. CHAUDHARI for his valuable guidance and encouragement during our project.

We would also thankful to our Head of the Department Prof. B. V. Buddhadev, for providing all the facilities and support.

Finally, we are also thankful to our parents, friends and Faculty Members who directly or indirectly helped us in project.


Project Summary

Now a days customers are mostly prefer online shopping and ordering, that brought the need for the deliver in multiple folds. Drone based technology is being used tomeet this requirement. The present automated drone delivery system has a few drawbacks like – The drone just drops the ordered package to the location without the concern of whether the customer is available there or not.

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Aim of Project

This work focuses on the unmanned secure delivery system by interfacing GPS and GSM module to the drone, the intelligence of changing the location of delivery can be inherited by the user. Once the drone reaches the location, if the users do not input their pass code in the drone via a keypad provided, the drone will not release th e package. In this condition the drone will send an SMS to the user about the failure to deliver the package and will fly back to the vendor’s c ontrol station

Problem Specification

There are several rules and regulations that the drone must follow autonomously.

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Targets are set up along the path for the DRONE to identify, photograph, and relay coordinates to the ground. Maximum takeoff gross weight needs to be less than 55 lbs. The vehicle must be capable of manual overri de by a performing well enough to complete as quickly as possible in order to achieve victory over the other competit .

Project -I Team ID: 62700


1.3 Literature review

We referred IEEE research papers of previous few years related to our DRONE DELIVERY


We read some blogs such as amazon air prime, medium related to machine learning, artificial

intelligence, UAV etc.

Currently we are learning python, machine learning from udemy, youtube and online source.

We referred such patents databases of Free Patents Online .

1.4 Plan of Project


Review research papers

Learning python and machine learning

Finding dataset

Train machine learning model

1.5 Materials / Tools required

Sublime Text Editor

Jupyter Notebook



Anaconda navigator

Project -I Team ID: 62700



2.1 Diagrams

2.1.1 Use case Diagram

Fig 2.1.1 Use case Diagram

Admin side use case User side use case


Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.1.2 Activity Diagram

Fig 2.1.2 Activity Diagram

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.1. 3 Class Diagram

Fig 2.1. 3 Class Diagram

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.2 Design Engineering canvases

2.2.1 AEIOU Summary Framework

AEIOU is an observation tool. AEIOU framework is an examination tool to help interpret

observation by practices in field.

Its primary functions are to code data and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately

indicates the objectives and ne ed of users.

In this canvas we covered summary of AEIOU canv ases. The canvas is as given below·.

2.2.1 AEIOU Canvas

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.2.2 Empathy Canvas

Empathy Map is the canvas where designer has to observe and understand the emotional need of

the user and on the basis of empathy of user he will think of the solution.

2.2.2 Empathy canvas

Project -I Team ID: 62700


It is used to deliver a better user experience of system/se rvice/product. The discussion will be

center on what was observed and what can be inferred about these users’ group belief and emotions.

An Empathy Mapping is a tool which helps us to summarize our observations and take out

unexpected ideas with no restriction and any bound.

Here User is who is going to use our solution, research or analysis. In this stage, we find various

users which are directly or indirectly related to our project.

Stakeholder is a person, group or organization with on interest in our project.

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.2.3 Ideation Canvas

Ideation Canvas where first we started with people, where we simply thought about the people for

whom we want to solve the problem.

Then list out whatever activity every segment of people does. Then thought for

context/location/situation and finally for p ossible solutions.

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas, where an

idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be visual, concrete or abstract. Ideation

compromises all stages of thought cycle , from innovation, to development, to actualization. As such, it is

an essential part of the design process, both in education and practice.

An Ideation canvas is sheet where ideas can be stretched into any limits or dimensions. Our ideation

Canvas is as given below·

2.2.3 Ideation canvas

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.2.4 Product Development Canvas

This exercise is meant for giving strategic orientation to the project of each team so that it achieves

its true goal as defined by previous canvas exercises.

This exercise is more about developing strategy for the proposed product/solution design, after the

team has successfully attempted the ideation process and has incorporated inputs from all Stakeholders.

Our Product Development Canvas is given below·.

2.2.4 Product Development Canvas

Project -I Team ID: 62700


2.3 Design Methodology

The work of delivery of the order by drone, involves here the circuitry with the Arduino

interfacedwith GPS.

When the order is placed using the website,after entering the details like mail id,

mobile number and location of delivery, a pin is generated which will be sent to the ordering person and

one to the GSM which is on the drone.Arduino will fetch the pin and location and will direct

command to drone to fly to the location once the parcel Is ready to deliver.

Once the drone starts from its location the GPS will start tracking the location of the drone and

store the data in SD card, the GPS which is also interfaced to Arduino. When the drone reach es to the

location, the need to enter the pin as pass code, which was sent at time of ordering , to release the


If the pin matches, the parcel will get released from some locking mechanism otherwise the

drone updated in drone through GSM. This is the additional feature provided.

2.4 Implementation Strategy

We will do this by taking information of user such as mail id,mobile number and detect location

in MAP. We will use some machine learning techniques to select r oute.

We will make machine learning model that will takes passcode as input and release parcel on it.

Then we can test by inputting any other passcode and it will fail the release of parcel and send it back to

the vendor’s location.

Project -I Team ID: 62700



3.1 Advantages

The parcel will be saved from tempting.

It will save crucial time of many people.

It will take less time than manual deliveries of boy.

It will very useful for users who orers online.

3.2 Scope of Future work

In this work to overcome some of such issues, GPS and GSM module is used. In this work GPS,

GSM and servo motor and keypad are interfaced to Arduino board. GSM and algorithm in Arduino is

used to direct the drone to the location fed in it After re aching to the location it will ask for passcode to

enter which is provided at the time of order placing, by keypad entering the passcode it will verify the

code. If it gets matched the drone will release the package otherwise not

, here if the pa sscode gets matched

the servo motor moves accordingly to open latch.

This overcomes the problem of security for package. The users ordering through mobile app

can have additional security in order delivery, by entering the finger pr int impression at time of

ordering, the same biometric impression would be asked at time of order delivery. If needed the change

in location, before delivering the order, can be done using GSM module. Throughout this GPS will track the lo cation of the path covered by drone. One of the most important applications for UAVs is the area of search and secure handling of parcel operations. The Unmanned drone delivery system is faster than a delivery boy.

Problems solved

Traffic and Environmental polution problems will be solved.


  • User authentication
  • Secured
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to use


The work done here is designed with a view for delivering a parcel for online shopping but this system can be also used for other purpose like for providing medical facility, military purpose also, especially in a country like an India where logistics face so many obstacles on the ground. Drone delivery could be better for the environment. A single, batte ry -powered drone traveling to bring your order versus a large emission -spewing logistic like the truck is a vast improvement when it comes to emissions and energy efficiency. The drone also wins out when comparin g it to you driving your car to the store for the same items. And if many people are taking advantage of drone delivery, the delivery trucks on the road will be traveling fewer miles with less weight.

This work can further be extended by two point. First by adding security based location tracking security, which is most important. If in worst case someone fetch the drone, at that time we can get notified that location being changed by real time monitoring. Here the scope of IOT can be found. By which we can estimate data and can conclude that drone is going on right way or not. And the second thing is the 2D GPS module is used here.

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