Driving towards a disruption? Essay

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Driving towards a disruption?

1.For management education, who is the customer and what is the product? Please justify your answer!

The target segment of HBS programs differ according to the nature of educational programs, varying from corporate executive level managers to employees. the target group are in general working professionals who afford having high standard business education and seeking career progress.

In the early years, HBS started providing management education with the focus on sectors which dominated the industrial revolution: railroads, automobile manufacturing and finance. Nowadays, executive education is a major activity in HBS along with an extensive range of programs as well as custom programs. Inanition, Harvard Business Publishing is considered to be a strong source of current and future innovation in business publishing.

2.What are the dimensions of performance? Does the HBS product overserve?

High standard education: with the supreme ranking, HBS provides outstanding business education through its famous case method of discussion based learning. Innovation: through Harvard Business Publishing is considered to be a strong source of current and future innovation in business publishing. Flexibility: flexibility is highly prized for organizations in term of program objectives, time and innovation. Student retention and loyalty: HBS alumni were remarkably succesful in a wide range of professions and they have been generous in financing the school.

Yes HBS to some extent is over serving as it is providing extra materials and creating extra pressure on students, the curriculum HBS adopted is very enlarge.

3.If you think HBS is insulated from disruption, are the circumstances right more broadly in the industry? Yes, HBS is insulated from disruption. As HBS is ranked as the best business school in the world, it possess the ability and innovation to overcome internal disruption and to remain ahead of business education. The advantages of HBS are:

•HBS developed an innovative publishing house which supports in revenue and in cross segment growth

•HBS publishes its own case studies and articles which are purchased and used by other business schools

•Online courses to compete with other institutes. This shows a tendency to exceed in current trends

•Successful and loyal alumni. Building an influenced network is challenging quest but once achieved its very difficult to overcome

HBS is facing heavy competition from online based business education such as Stanford university, Princeton university, university of phoenix and university of Columbia, who provide flexible, quality and relatively affordable education. furthermore, large companies such as GE, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs have started their own universities of management education to their employees.

Nevertheless, the long-term effect of this competition will be limited as HBS have started new and innovative short-term and cutom management programs that follow the equity and quality of HBS. furthermore, HBS have started online management programs.

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