Driving age in Florida should be raise to eighteen Essay

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Driving age in Florida should be raise to eighteen

The issue of driving is one of the world’s debated activities. Being a daily routine activity that is used in the transport of goods, it the commonest way of travel means. Car and vehicle driving has not only been of paramount use in the logistic work and travel purpose, but it has been used as sporting activity in numerous states. This wide use of car and other type of vehicle has augmented the application of driving activity. Driving in the united state is being adopted by most people as sporting activity.

Due to the fascinating and interesting scenario it has created in most people of US, driver training has under went dramatic and drastic changes with parents and their children taking driving with much enthusiasm. Children training are depicted bursting the accommodation ability of most of the training colleges and this is aroused from their interest to get indulged in the racing sports. As far training is concerned, many juveniles would get the driving experience from the home own car of their parents.

This is not only a way of increasing the driver statistics but it has an impact of congesting the roads. however, the society of the US is not much alarmed and amazed by the increased road congestion, but the most alarming issues in most states in the united states is the accidents which are being caused. .(Linda, 2006) Road accidents in the world over have been indicated as increasing in every year’s research. This issued is highly puzzling in the developed countries and state. This has led to heated debates especially on the issues of legal driving age.

Many people have raised the claims that the increased road accidents are as result of early age driving legalization. Following the much interest in driving, most states in the united state have their age limits of driving being as low as 12. This leaves just a few states with their low age limit at eighteen and above. The tender age licensing for driving juveniles is thus being greatly criticized by leaders from diverse sectors and organization such as the insurance, training institutions as well as the governing authorities.

This is not quite different in the state of Florida where woes of accidents are in many families. .(Linda, 2006) The raising of age limit in the state of Florida is fundamental in the combat to this disastrous killing activity. Florida society is highly hit by road accidents. The main cause is the youths who are aged between 15 and 17 years. There are thousands of Florida juveniles who get deprived off their lives through road accidents. In many cases, accidents, which are committed by the juveniles within such age limits causes grievous death with instants deaths.

The a few survivors experience a life full of traumas or they are troubled by the physical disabilities. This not only gives them hard time to provide for their daily needs but it has also implication on the economic grounds of the country. There are several basis on which the raising of age in supported. The raising of the ages is anticipated to help in combating the deaths rates. According to many insurance organizations, there believe that raising the age limit of the fatal groups would be of benefits not only to the organization but to the whole community.

On the support of their argument, they have go further citing New Jersey as one example in which their youths were saved from grievous deaths of road accidents. After the introduction of the prohibiting act for licensing company from issuing full licenses to under age youth, the states of new jersey was depicted to have made tremendous low rate of accidents. This similar trend is anticipated to occur within Florida as there are no much differences of the accidents cause. (Linda, 2006)

The low rates of accidents from the increase of age limit are much based on the psychological and logical basis. Most people under the age of eighteen are general at their tender age whereby their reasoning ability is much low than those of adult. Persons at this teenage always are influences by show off and therefore, the juveniles at the teenage would always want to be recognized as superiors driving forgetting the risks that may result. They thus drive fast and with much carelessness, the come ethical consideration and the road rule and regulations are always broken.

The consequences of things such as over speeding and closely driving have always been principle causes of accidents in the Florida state. .(Linda, 2006) The prevention of the high rates of road accidents in the Florida State does involve several interventions rather than the consideration of age. It is apparent that lower age youths has played a major role in increasing the rates of accidents in Florida, thus increasing the age to 18 would be a measure to lowering this rate by giving the juvenile to come to maturity of mind.

In addition to the mental maturity of the youngsters, this gives the humble time to gain extra experience as they drive under their mentors such as parents or any other responsible individuals. This extra experience time is deemed necessary for them as gives them the experience on cognitive factors as well as judgment ability and assessment in the driving activity. .(Linda, 2006) Reference: Linda, K. (2006): Florida legislature considers raising driving age to 17: retrieved from http://www. accessmylibrary. com/coms2/summary_0286-12724604_ITM on March 28, 2009

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