Driking age 21 Essay

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Driking age 21

Drinking age differs from one country to another. Some countries allow youth to start drinking at the age of 18 years. They believe that at the age of obtaining a National Identity Card is enough maturity for one to enter into a bar and buy himself alcoholic drink. Some other countries have it that one has to have 21 years or more to be mature enough to drink. 21 YEARS AND ABOVE. When we look at the behaviour and manners of the drunken youth, we are left without doubt that the above mentioned age is the right one for one at which one can start drinking.

21 Years is the mature age of a teenager. A person mature enough to control himself. He should also be a person who is working and should be able to buy himself drinks without bothering friends or relatives. 21 Years is also a reasonable age at which one should marry. His wife is likely to make the young man behave and display self responsibility. Incase of a woman, the young husband should be able to control her. At this age also one should be able to choose what to drink. Some alcoholic stuff is harmful to health if not taken with care.

Hot spirits especially when taken dry at tender age its likely to burn organs like the liver and so forth 18 YEARS AND UNDER This is teenage age which according to me is a risky age at which one should start drinking. To some youth their chronological age doesn’t march with the mental development. Some youth at 18 years are still or slightly above adolescence and are unlikely to control themselves once drunk. This is also a school going age and is likely to interfere with the learning of the person concerned. Most schools especially high schools would not allow for drunkenness

The other factor is the danger of being addicted to drunkenness at the early age. Lack of control in drinking might result to one becoming a member of drugs and abuse company hence destroying ones future. The same age has a majority of the youth depending on parents or guardians. One should not expect someone at this age to be self reliant. Drinking has to do with leisure. Where, would a none working get money for leisure? And if such a person is addicted to drinking, is he/she not likely to be tempted to obtain alcohol by unfair means. Let it be a food for thought. OTHER COUNTRIES.

While we have countries which would allow youth at 18 or younger take alcohol, there are other countries that will have none of them drink. Most of the Muslim dominated countries do not allow for alcohol drinking not only to youth but also to the older ones. This is because drinking is illegal according to Islamic faith. Some other countries like Israel allow vine wine to be taken by all but, during certain ceremonies In some Churches like Catholic Church, it is taken by the priest and his converts during mass celebrations. CONCLUSION. All said and done, whether one is under 18 or above 21, drinking should be done maturely and with care.

A beginner should not be left alone to take alcohol without the guidance from a mature person. Either an older brother and his younger brothers and sisters or parents and their children at certain occasions. Any misuse of anything results to an abuse of it. There is nothing wrong with drinking if it is done soberly and reasonably. My recommendation is that countries should be responsible to their citizens and should not let them do what they want. It is very important that a country lays down proper guidelines for the youth especially because this is the age at which the people concerned like experimenting.

It is also the age that the youth feels themselves adults. We know that there are the leaders of tomorrow and should be nurtured with care so that tomorrows leaders will be responsible. We know freedom is good but it should be limited freedom. Too much of it could be harmful. WORK CITED ? Clear thinking when drinking by Roman T Solohub ( 2006) ? Teen Legal Rights By Kathleen A Hempelman ( 1984) ? Should the minimum drinking age be changed? In social studies By Eileen H. Tamura ? A note on the effect of minimum drinking age lose on youth; alcohol consumption in contemporary economic policy by Robert Kaestener

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