Dresses appropriate for medical facility Essay

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Dresses appropriate for medical facility

Do you think that Mindy dresses appropriate for medical facility? In working for any medical facility, practice, or clinic there are certain criteria that is required. Having bright color pieces in your hair is a violation of code, especially in ethics. Having multiple piercings, visible tattoos, and visible inappropriate body parts are also prohibited. Proper attire would be medical scrubs, closed in shoes, hair pulled back off of face, one pair of earrings, and non-artificial nails following bright nail polish. Does her personal style detract from the facilities care of professionalism?

When patients walk into a facility that practices medicine there are many of things that roam through there head. Some things involve confidentiality and proper service and treatment. Mindy’s personal style of dress can be a distraction to all patients as well as staff. Having good professionalism is coming to work well dressed all major body parts are covered as well as well groomed. What are your thoughts on how and why to project a professional image? My way of projecting a professional image is to have dignity and pride in what I wear. Scrubs would be more appropriate for allied health.

Having a professional image shows confidence and security to patients and yourself that sufficient treatment will be given. Do you think that non-verbal signals could have significantly affected Mr. Collins clinic experience? Having non-verbal signs in an office working with patients can be difficult. Mr. Collins experience could have been a better experience if he received confirmation of payment plans. Do you think that facial expressions and body language play a big part in professionalism in health science? Facial expression and body language are very important when displaying professionalism.

Some don’t realize and not meaning to. Some expression can express a negative vibe and become insulting to the patient. It is important to disclose neutral expressions to avoid conflict. Think of a time when non-verbal elements changed the outcome of a communication. What were the circumstances? When children are at a very young age and cannot speak is a sign of non-verbal. Sometimes there can be something wrong with a child and show a form of expression through crying. It is now up to the verbal communicator to detect what the issue is for a solution to what could be wrong with the child.

Can people use non-verbal signs to help resolve conflict? Non verbal signs can help to resolve a conflict. Simply shaking your head or nodding your head can be help resolve a conflict. Before you do so the patient has to be able to acknowledge what is about to take place. Do you see cultural or belief challenges in this scenario? How can a cohesive professional environment be created for all presence? Discuss a time when you had different beliefs and or practices than someone else. How did you contribute to a positive interaction and environment?

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