Dress Code Essay

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Dress Code

“These clothes aren’t in style! Those close are too expensive. This is not appropriate for a work place.” An institution with dress code is more appropriate and sophisticated then without; no more headaches. Imagine going through the hassle of trying to figure out what to wear every day, dress code would minimize or even vanish those time consuming worries. People wouldn’t have to worry about who looks better and who doesn’t, because everyone looks similar. Dress code may seem ancient to others, but when enforced it can be beneficial to many.

Following this further, if a worker has dress code at their institution they seem more professional and fitting. Said by many, you have to “dress to impress”, and the way a person looks is always a factor of a good first impression. With a dress code as guidance it provides some sort of discipline in the work area. Dress codes range from formal to casual, depending on the company or institution; it proposes a business-like image. People should always look sharp and groomed at work; it shows that you are capable to perform your job.

Additionally, kids now-a-days dress very inappropriately and a dress code can bring that to a halt. Dress codes are much needed in schools; kids don’t know the borderline between what’s appropriate to wear and what’s not. I’ve seen too many short shorts for girls and drawers because boys sag their pants too low. In an area that should be focusing on education there’s little room for distractions, no more pink polka dotted underwear or cleavage showing. There would be more room to focus and concentrate if there is a firm control on children’s disturbing and revealing outfits.

Furthermore, a lot of kids get bullied because of the way they dress; with a uniform dress code children look the same. There won’t be any name calling, snickering, or fingers pointing with a dress code enforced. Dress code may unknowingly promote a safer environment if there are no longer kids to intimidate or harass each other on the way they look. Usually at school the way someone dresses may determine their social status and how they are treated. People won’t have to judge a person on the way they dress anymore, and get to a person by their personality.

In conclusion, dress code can prevent challenging situations and arise greater opportunities. Though a few may argue that one can’t express themselves, a dress code is for the best. There aren’t any wardrobe meltdowns, rushing out the door with un-matching clothes, or being self- conscious. I’d rather have a dress code and be reassured that I won’t be in violation of any rule. A dress code for any institution is unanimously more beneficial and rewarding then without one.

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