Dresden Elbe Valley Essay

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Dresden Elbe Valley

The Dresden Elbe Valley, a beautiful region which has been included on the World Heritage List as a cultural heritage, lies approximately 18-km along the river, extending from the Ubigau Palace and Ostragehed field in the northwest all the way to Pillnitz Palace and the Elbe River Island in the southeast. Dresden center and the Pillnitz Palace are the predominant points. The meadows are low lying with suburban villas built during the last two centuries featured throughout the landscape.

Along the river are terraced slopes which are still utilized for viviculture. Some historic structures remain in several villages and many transportation aids built around the beginning of the 20th century, (including the Blue Wonder steel bridge, the single-rail suspension cable railway, the passenger steamship shipyard and funicular), still work. In the areas of culture and science and technology, the Dresden Elbe Valley has been the center of the European crossroads.

From an art and architectural vantage point, Central European 18th and 19th century developments have had an important resource. Valuable architectural styles ranging from that of the middle class to that of the court are prevalent throughout the region. The present trend embraces European urban development, thus giving the Valley a chance to be part of the modern industrial era while preserving the character of the past. The garden city and The Dresden Elbe Valley are first rate examples of using land correctly.

The massive sandstone cliffs along the river are carefully maintained. Dresden, often painted by Canaletto, is famous for its beautiful skyline. The writers Goethe and Schiller found inspiration here as did countless Romantic writers and artists such as Komer, Tieck and Friedrich. The Elbe Valley maintains its Baroque influence and continues to be an outstanding contribution to culture and natural beauty. Bibliography Clayton, Anthony & Russell, Alan. (1999) Dresden: A City Reborn New York, Sage.

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