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Dreamtime Definition Essay

Essay Topic:

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Dreamtime, a time known to the aboriginals of Australia who live in the outskirts of the towns and have barely any rights and responsibilities. Dreamtime to these people refers to the time of the spirits they worship and when there were no people, just spirits, and they were on the verge of creating everything we know to this day on earth. Now ask yourself this… do any of you wish you could go back to your dreamtime? By that I mean the 50’s and 60’s when everything futuristic was on its way of being invented.

This was the time when there were no phones so guys had to go to theirs girlfriends house to talk to them, instead of text them. The time when dating meant you knew her inside and out, not dating as in you’ve met her twice. The time when men wore pants when it was 30 degrees out… yes they were hardcore even back then.

And the time when jumping off a 40 foot tall overpass with 5 of your best friends while tresspassing on private property in the outback of a country side was a fun Friday night.

Times have changed and so have the acts of kids. So many people are so stuck up about school and work and rules that sometimes they forget to have fun along the way. People need to think about when their dreamtime is and maybe they will realize that things haven’t changed so much, and that they themselves have a bit of the characteristics of that time inside of them. My dream time was filled with hard rock like led zeppelin, crazy hair styles like the jerry curl, leg warmers and neon clothes as a fashion statement, and 3 inch think cell phones, and god damn do I wish I could pull off neon colored clothes.

Moving on is what the talk of the century has been about, when something traumatic happens like causalities in war, or violent acts caused by crazy men and women, it is put on the news and in newspapers. The most amount of time that that event will be talked about for is a month or two, even if the event has impacted some people negatively for the rest of their lives, and those people cant move on. I know my dreamtime isn’t traumatic and isn’t life scaring but if I don’t want to move on then maybe I can get a taste of the 50’s and 60’s and experience some of my own dreamtime. Why not experience yours?

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