Dreams Of Freedom and Goals of Glory: What I Really Want

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Dreams Of Freedom and Goals of Glory: What I Really Want

The kind of life I want is one filled with freedom, the freedom to be who I am and to follow my dreams where ever that might be. I need flexibility and a life without limits or constraints. This means that I should work for myself and not under someone else. I need to have the authority to make decisions and not allows be under supervision. This is my vision to be free and my goal is to have a life filled with honesty. I do not want to have to “fake it” through life and pretend that things are fine when they are not.

I want to right to grieve if life is hard and to rejoice when things are good without having others judge me. But to be honest, as I want to be I do not think that that is possible. For this I want the will to accept that. It is a “dog eat dog” world as the saying goes and as long as I do not hurt others on my quest for happiness then I will feel worthy of success. I don’t need a great deal of money, but enough to travel. I do not care about things, material things, it is the experiences of life that I want.

I don’t want to get myself into debt and have to be stuck anywhere paying of mortgages and payments for cars and other things. If I cannot afford something, I just won’t buy it. Freedom from the worry of debt and the guilt that comes with it is not something that I want. I want to be successful for me, in my own mind and to not care what others think. I will not judge because I do not want to be judged but as I said that is simply the way life is. I want the serenity to accept that and I do not think that is asking much.


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