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A great writer once said “to achieve big first dream big” But wait let me ask you something…. In the lines above u read a word “dream”…. Can you please define it for me? What are dreams? OALD8 defines it as “a series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind when you are asleep. ” Asleep really? Do you also believe dreams are a part of our sleep only? I don’t! I dream when I am wide awake…. Don’t you? For me dreams are a set and a combination of silly, foolish, eccentric and important thoughts which continuously disturb me!

They lend us an outlook of our life and an insight into the variety of people and situations which surround us! Dreams are one of the most important part of a teen’s life! For them they are mysterious adventures and interesting… Their never-ending dreams of a world of fantasy, their (sometimes) silly, foolish dreams of seeing a better world, their sentimental dreams of seeing their family turn into a blended family once again…. and the list is endless!

This unusual dream of a young mind often becomes a reality before one realizes… But sometimes they also become a source of discouragement, disappointment, depression loneliness. etc… When a small child is asked the general question “beta tum bade ho kar kya banoge? ” s/he would say engineer, doctor, scientist… Blah blah blah and they say this not because their parents have taught them this but because they dream to be that… They dream to be different..!

Dreams many a times become a source of happiness, a reason to smile… nd in Edar Cayce’s words- ‘dreams are today’s answers n tomorrow’s questions’… It often gives you the encouragement which no one can provide! My world is so full of dreams….. Living my life can be perfectly called “living a dream” it has everything a dream gives you… happiness, disappointment, a reason to smile and be happy and most importantly encouragement. I used to dream in the past, I still dream in the present and will continue dreaming in future. I love my dreams equally as I love to dream… Do you?

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