Dreaming Better Dreams Essay

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Dreaming Better Dreams

There is no doubt everyone has dream. It is an experience that occurs during sleep. However, dreams are not only all about sleeping experience. We have dreams in life and these dreams are the things that we aspire to have, the status that we want to establish, or the kind of life that we long to have in the future. Thus, at times we are daydreaming that we are there, about to fulfill our dreams. In Mark twain’s The Mysterious Stranger Satan was mentioned as ghost standing at the behind the food processor and admiring a person’s lawn-mowing skills. It was not clear whether it was a dream but dream sometimes appears as one’s night mare.

In the ensuing conversation between Satan and the person, Satan says “dream other dreams, and better” (120). Here, it was not clear whether Satan was advising the person to have a better ambition in life or he was just inciting a person to think of something beyond what he can do in order to make sin. But what ever is Satan’s intension, there is a truth in his statement. One should really have dreams life, a better dream. Dreams as some psychologist say are simply product of our imagination. They say, when we are asleep, our sub-conscious mind becomes active which us to dream dreams. No one likes bad dreams, but everyone enjoys good dreams.

In dream, we can do anything that is impossible in real life and when we are awakened we regret that it was only a dream. The truth is we can dream a better dream that is not merely product of our subconscious mind when we are asleep. Our dreams can turn to reality if we could overcome anything that limits us. Our dreams can be fulfilled if we let all our strength, courage, strength, wisdom, and all our best efforts to pull together for a single purpose, achieving our better dreams in life. An ill Time to Laugh In the Bible, particularly in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, the writer states that “there is a time for everything in this life.

There is “a time to be born and a time to die”, “a time to weep and a time to laugh. ” This is true even today for most us. There is a proper time for everything. In the second prompt, the context tells us that “Satan laughs at Theodor and at Theodor’s sheepish neighbor who all throw stones at the hanged woman”(109). The scenario led us to think of something dreadful. We do not exactly why the woman was hanged perhaps she was caught in adultery, or that she was a witch but it looks like neighbors were against her who all throw stones at her while she was hanging dead.

The only person conscientious of what is going on perhaps is Theodor. Theodor said to Satan, “It was ill time to laugh, for free and scoffing ways…brought him under suspicion. ” Satan protested in this statement saying, “There spoke the race” “always ready it hasn’t got … you have perception of humor, nothing more; a multitude of you possess that. This multitude sees the comic side of a thousand low-grade and trivial things-broad in-congruities, mainly: grotesqueries, absurdities, evokers of the horse-laugh” (109). There is something we can learn from this statement.

Many people see only the comic side of the things around them or of the people they met and laugh at them. We tend to be evokers of the horse-laugh rather than objective in our judgment of anything that we see on others. Most of the time, we laugh at people even when it is an ill time to laugh. Perhaps, our problem is that we could hardly see when the right time to laugh on other people is. The best thing perhaps for us to avoid becoming evokers of horse-laugh is to always bear in mind the biblical statement, “there is a time weep and a time to die. ” Reference Twain, Mark “The Mysterious Strangers”

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