Dream My Dream Essay

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Dream My Dream

Without dream, there can be no courage; without courage, there can be no action. What Wim Wenders said indicates the importance of the dream, which no one can deny. Most people’s dream is not stable and changes with the time going by, but the critical point is that they do have a dream. I’m the person with a dream. I once romantically dreamed to be an excellent diplomat at early age and later, I was looking forward to teaching undergraduates in a historical university. But now, I’m considering starting my business after finishing my school in 3 years.

There is no doubt that the rapid growth of economy and the fast development of electronic commerce have brought not only the pressure of the heated competition, but also valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs who start with empty hand. This is exactly the source of my dream. Every dream deserves action and a try; otherwise it is only a daydream. A month ago, after overcoming various difficulties, I managed to open up an on-lion shop with the help of a friend. The on-shop whose address is huo1314. taobao. com is now on regular business.

This shop mainly sells fashion clothes of both ladies and gentlemen, daily necessaries together with accessories of electronic devices. Nevertheless, no dream can be fulfilled overnight without any struggling. I know it clearly that my on-lion shop is just a touchstone and that there is still a long way full of challenges ahead of me. What an outstanding entrepreneur needs is not only talents, but more importantly, a strong personality. It is always the determined will that helps entrepreneurs go though all tough times and finally makes them stand out among others.

This is what I’m lacking for. There is no denying that in the world only a few people achieve their dreams at last. Most folks give up their dream when they are to face the hardness or when their desire changes with the time going by. I have dropped many dreams like them since my childhood, but this time, never will I do it again. Maybe all the efforts are ruined and nothing is gained at last, but when looking back, without any regret, I can at least proudly say I once do had a dream and I do have tried my best.

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