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Dream Interpretation

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1386 words)
Categories: Consciousness,Dream,Human,Mind,Psychology,Science,Scientist,Sigmund Freud
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Dreams connote several things about a person and about their lives. Dream can be related to what people aspire as they grow up or what their ambitions are. Other defines dreams as what people usually thinks of, what things usually occupy their minds. It is the different visions, thought and sensations that individuals have in their minds while they sleep (Washington. edu 1). The formation of dreams occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) while sleeping. It is when the subconscious is connected to the conscious mind.

However, dreams are penetrable. It is possible to have contact with a person sleeping, according to studies conducted (Medicine Net, 1). In this paper, I will be discussing my dream journal for the week. The paper will include a table which consists of the fragments of my dreams every night. The paper aims to give interpretations of the dream, whether it is a wish-fulfilling dream, manifest and latent contents of my dreams, and dreamwork. The unconscious part of a person’s brain has a bigger percentage in the composition of the ‘iceberg’.

Technically, the unconscious part of our brains has more storage capacity than the conscious mind. It is where a person’s complete memory is stored, as long as the person is still alive (Washington. edu 1). It is also considered the major memory holder of a human brain. Even though the person is already old and is experiencing memory gaps, the complete memory is still inside the unconscious part of the brain. Even if the memory is so old, it will still be retained in the subconscious part of the brain. From the unconscious mind, it is where dreams usually originate.

However, dreams are usually forgotten the moment a person wakes up from their tight sleep. One can hardly remember what dream they had, whether it is a good one or a not so good dream. In my personal experience, the number of times I remembered my dream was less than the times I forget my dreams. Although there is a feeling or sensation that remains in us after waking up, there are moments when we cannot remember how we felt the feeling. However, it still feels good to know that we dreamt of something good instead of not dreaming at all.

We experience forgetting our dreams, whether good or bad, because of repression or active forgetting, where forgetting dreams are sometimes intentional (Washington. edu 1). The following table shows the fragments of my complete dreams every night for one week. I mentioned just tLast Monday, the main topic of my dream was about craving for a French fries. I kept on talking to almost everyone included in my dream to join me eat French fries. In the end, I was able to get the fries I have been craving for the longest time in my dreams.

On Tuesday, my dream included my falling teeth which really were alarming for me for some friends told me that falling teeth in dreams signals death. There was an earth quake and my teeth were trembling together with the earthquake, hence, falling from my gums. Wednesday, I saw a pregnant woman in my dream. However, I cannot totally see who the person was. Her face was not clear and was having difficulty understanding what she was telling me. Thursday, my dream was all about my love interest. In my dream, we were having fun, holding hands and kissing.

I think it is a very sweet dream for me because I dreamt of the person I adore. This is the dream I really liked the whole week, which inspired me to think of dreams before going to sleep. Friday, I dreamt I was falling. What is weird about this dream is that I always dream about this event. I usually have dreams falling off from somewhere. After having this dream, I always wake up sitting in my bed and having hard time breathing. On the other hand, my Saturday night dream was one of the most fearful dreams I had. I had a failing subject in one of the major subjects I have in the curriculum.

In addition, I have professor Snape as my professor in my major subject, potions. It was kind of weird since I failed a subject without any justifications. It was one of my dreaded dreams to have, to think that I was enrolled in Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Finally, Sunday was also one of the freakiest dreams I had. I was running from someone or something that I really do not know. So when I woke up, I was very tired from running (in my dreams). Although the first dream was kind of shallow, I think this dream is a manifest content since it was just craving for something that the French fries is a food that can be easily obtained.

I can easily eat fries whenever I want since that there are a lot of establishments that sells fries. Falling teeth are interpreted as a bad omen by some people. According to online interpretations (Dream Moods 1), falling or decaying teeth can be interpreted that health is in danger. In this context, I think that this is a latent content of the dream, that there are hazards in health in the back of my mind (Dream Moods 1). There are some things that I am afraid of, especially getting sick. Dreaming of pregnant women, on the other hand, projects an event of development and growth.

This could be interpreted as a wish-fulfilling dream or a latent content activity for I am hoping to be successful in life. Dreaming of pregnant women giving their blessing could be a great sign of success for me in the future (Dream Moods 1). My Thursday dream, about my love interest, is all about how our relationship is in the waking times. This means that whether we are having bad times or good times, it can be reflected in my dreams. With this interpretation, I can say that it is a manifest content for what is happening while I am in my conscious state is happening in my dreams as well.

Falling, which is one of the most usual dreams I have, signals a struggle in life but redemption of oneself after the struggle. For me, it is one the truest dreams I had for there are times when I experience great struggle towards life and that is balancing my time for things that is quite important to me. There are times when failure is necessary for me to accept the struggles coming along my way. This is a manifest content in dreams where what is happening in the actual is also seen in dreams; a reflection of what is occurring in the conscious mind.

An interpretation of dreams being failure is subject to different things. In the context of my dream is a failure of a subject from a fictional school. It may connote my attitude towards studying, that I am not exerting much effort into it. It signals me to be more earnest in exerting effort to study and excel in my academics. Running alone in dreams connotes a losses and despair that might happen in the conscious mind. Great adjustments are needed to be able to adopt to the event ‘running’ which represents sudden changes.

This is a latent content in dreams for this is not yet happening in the present. It is like foretelling what will happen, although not accurate, in the future. It is very evident that the later nights in my week showed a sign of changes and threats in my current conscious mind. There is a pattern in my sleep that is clearly shown in my dreams which I consider latent content for it is in my unconscious mind and I am not worrying about this stuff in my waking or conscious life. References Bewitchingways. com. 01 February 2008. 05 February 2008 [http://www.

bewitchingways. com/dreams/wish. htm]. Dreammoods. com 17 September 2007. 06 February 2008 [http://dreammoods. com]. NIU. edu. 2002. 05 February 2008 [http://www3. niu. edu/acad/psych/Millis/History/2002/dreams. htm]. NUS. edu. sg. 05 February 2008. 02 February 2008 [http://courses. nus. edu. sg/course/elljwp/dreamwork. htm]. Medicine Net. 14 March 1999. 06 February 2008 [http://www. medterms. com/script/main/art. asp? articlekey=8672]. Washington. edu. 05 January 2006. 05 February 2008 [http://courses. washington. edu/freudlit/Dreams. html].

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