Dream house Essay

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Dream house

Living in a big, comfortable, high-tech and classy house is one of my dreams. My dream house is something that is going to represent my personality. For me a house is really important in our life because we spend most of our time in the house and it have to make you feel comfortable. I would prefer my house to be simple but classy in the same time, so I will probably use minimalist style and use a lot of glass to save more electricity.

I would prefer to build my dream house in an elite housing area, because I think its saver to life in a housing area rather than in the big roads. My dream house will have a beach view behind the house, which is integrated with my house so I can hear the sound of the waves every morning. To live in this kind of place will help me relax my mind when I get home from work. I can just go to my balcony and watch people snorkeling in the beach and if I want to snorkel I can just walk down to the beach and start snorkeling. Moreover, The housing area for my dream job is clean and not everyone can go inside the housing area, which means that it is quiet.

The outer design is minimalist and is built mostly with glass, so in the morning we don’t need to use any electricity. The house would have a lot of windows so that you can feel the wind that came from the ocean. There will be a swimming pool on top of the house so that if it’s getting really hot because of the sun shine I can just go and relax in the pool. The house will have a large garden that contains a lot of trees and flowers. The flower would give a tropic kind of feeling in the house. At the backyard, there would be a lot of empty space that can be used for party and also it can be used for an extra garage since I love to collect cars.

The interior of the house, I choose white to be painted in all the walls because white is clean and it fits minimalist style. The first floor, I will have a movie room, two play room and in the middle of the first floor would be the living room for guest. The kitchen would be modern and it will be behind the dining room. In the second floor, I would have three bedrooms and one master bedroom for me. I would build an underground storage room for wine, so that the temperature is stable and it won’t ruin the taste of the wine. Colorful abstract painting would be in every wall to give more color to the interior. The flooring in the house would be from marble but for the room it would be wood.

In conclusion, my dream house will stand out among other houses because of the setting I create, design and good lighting at during the night will catch everyone eyes when they drive threw my house. Most importantly, my dream house must give me the feeling of satisfaction because all the handwork have paid off.

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