Dream Big Essay

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Dream Big

If I were not afraid, I could definitely do more and achieve more. In the world today, we need to be extraordinary for us to be more successful. And being extraordinary requires proper goal setting. Achieving a goal that a person sets is not that easy. We need focus on it, and some proper actions necessary for it to come true. But most of the time, certain factors affect the way a person would handle situations like this. When one is afraid of something, his/her tendency is to avoid that stimulus. If that stimulus might be involved in achieving that person’s goals, having a fear in it will result to failure in reaching that goal.

In most cases, people tend to insecure; or rather afraid to exert full effort in reaching their goals is the fear of failing. Most people are afraid of being humiliated, or being the ‘least’ in a group. When we learn to let go of these fears inside us, then we can feel confident to do anything that we love without thinking about the negative consequences. For example, some people are afraid to make friends with others because they fear that they might be rejected. Come to think of it, if this person put his fear aside, then he or she can gain friends.

In this case, fear can sometimes be seen as a negative feeling because it prevents you from doing something good or achieving something great. Thus, if I put my fears aside, I can organize my fellow youths in calling for eradicating hunger around the world. I think I could do something great like that. Although I am just an ordinary person, I think I can convince people in my community that world hunger is a grave problem that needs our attention. Children are dying in Africa because of hunger. Believe it or not, there are even hungry children in the United States, who are not receiving enough nutritious food.

With regards to my dream, I think my greatest strength is perseverance and I can use this in order to research startling facts that might trigger the emotions of people in joining this advocacy. I will first organize my friends and family because I think they simply the people who would care to hear my thoughts about this issue. After that, I will seek the help of experts that will expand my knowledge on how I could start achieving this dream. For example, I will seek the help of a nutritionist on what foods should be served daily in school cafeteria.

Then, we will inform the school cafeterias in our communities to serve food that is balanced enough for our kids. I can also establish a feeding program in our community to help serve the poor and needy children within our midst. The next step would be to write letters of appeal to the government and large corporations to convince them in joining our cause. If we can garner enough funds, we can now help the children of Africa in their plight against hunger. In my own little way, I can say that this idea can help change the world. I realized that what we need is proper handling of our fears.

In my case, if I weren’t afraid of anything, I would have the courage to do anything I want, without thinking of the circumstances that might happen with what I’m going to do. Since fear is the limiting factor, eliminating it might give me a better chance into reaching my goals. Eliminating world huger is such a big goal. This goal requires patience, and focus – characteristics which I do have. I see myself as one who would change the world, and make it a healthier place to live in. I see myself as one who would establish an institution that would help people realize that world hunger exists and we need to help each other eradicate it.

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