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Essay on Dream

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The Tune of Kahunsha by Anosh Irani

He put himself second by temporarily forgetting the rather "important" things in his life, such as his father, and has clearly stated his final dream to make Guddi happy, to protect her and to love her till the day he dies. This act of determination when he takes priority of Guddi rather than himself is something humans are often not comfortable with. It is also an act of "giving" which is ironic,...

If I Were a Millionaire Short

This library would have books which, besides knowledge, would also give the readers insight into their behaviors. I would also start for the poor only some vocational centres where they would be taught skills by virtue of which, they would, at a later stage be able to get a livelihood. The plight of the poor sick in our country is absolutely heart rending. I would like to ensure give-and-take of ...

If I Have One Million Dollars

Finally, I would spend the rest of money on my family activities. Furthermore, if I had dad one million dollars, I would have already traveled all around of world. l would have walked on the street in Provence, visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, touched the sands around the Pyramid. If I had had one million dollars, I would have gambled in a casino in Las Vegas. I would have won dozens of million ...

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Dream and Adventure in Life of Don Quixote

The quote implies that to follow an ideal or a dream would be a waste of time. This particular quote stands out because it is one of the few pessimistic statements in the very positive, or shall I say “quixotic” theme of the narrative. This is the kind of statements that would be uttered by those who forget how to dream. People that would say this kind of words are the type that brings the hop...

Dream in a Short Story Dukwane’s Deliverance

The theme of the short story is that you shouldn’t give up your dream despite the obstacles that can occur on your way to achieving it. “You are going to do what you always wanted to do. Do you hear”, “By your wits and sheer persistence. This is what makes us rise above other men, it is how we face adversity; how we challenge those who hold us back, how we make real our dream”. This is w...

The Guides of David Strorm

Petra was the reason the Sealand woman was so interested in rescuing the group and Rosalind Morton was the best friend a friend could ever have. But Michael above all, steered the group in the right direction and only with his advice did David survive in the Fringes. Then there was the Sealand woman who was the lifeline of the story, saving the lives of David and the others. A promise was made to ...

One Direction Boy-Band

To Me One Direction is the boy-band more talented and fun that exists, since boys are normal people and make mistakes like us, have fun like us, have flaws like us and make all the same to us (they are human but believe it or not). And although not like many to me if I like, because as says Cher Loyd (singer) "guys hate to One Direction because sing what a girl wants to hear and what a boy fears ...

If I Have 10 Million Dollars

Yet then, again, with bizarre things like this, only God knows. Would I not be obsessive with my money and live a normal life, or would I think I deserved everything because I had a million dollars? I could go on and on about what I'd do with the money, but truthfully, I would think about the money and what worth it had for me. After all, I'd be the one to own the million dollars, and what I do wi...

Accepting Rejection and Rejecting Acceptance

That rejection made me realize that being too overly passionate about something is not healthy as it can ruin an aspect in your life that is essential. I could have gone mad if I have stayed drowned in my own pool of rejections. However, I finally came into realization that creating your own world by writing stories does not give you an assurance that other people are willing to share that world w...

Path to Veterinary Technician

Like many aspirations to feel self-satisfied, becoming a veterinary technician will take time, dedication and work to obtain. It may not require as much schooling as a psychologist and it may not pay as well as a politician, but earning that feeling of self-satisfaction is what counts in a career. Understanding the road to self satisfaction is just as important as understanding the road taken afte...

California: Reality and Fantasy

'Founded on expectation and hope, the Californian Dream promises to fulfill our deepest longings for opportunity and success, warmth, sunshine and beauty, health and long life, freedom, and even a foretaste of the future' (Rawls 23). Combining two seemingly opposites, California is both made up of promises and paradoxes. It can be both everything and nothing at once, making this 'dream' only what ...

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