Draft Essay Topics

Why Inexperienced Writers Struggle in Academic Writing

Academic and professional writing is a process that involves a sequence of structured steps. Many inexperienced writers struggle because they treat writing as a single shot effort in which a document is drafted all in one sitting. My suggestion to the future COM/155 students in reality writing involves more than just taking a pen ,or… View Article

Issuing the Draft

In response to the first argument in favor of volunteer enlistment, I would counter that the overall effect would continue to support the status quo in that privileged and wealthy Americans would not have an urgent need to enlist. Due to this economic division between classes, the lower class sector would continue to be the… View Article

Draft a Definition: Family

Our ever-changing environment has impacted everything that it has even resulted to people having their own definition of words such as the word “family”. People now make their own definition of the said word based on their own personal and domestic experiences and circumstances. Gone are the old days of having one specific formal definition… View Article